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Currently we are working on three third-party funded projects:

MIRACUM - Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine

Currently MIRACUM is our biggest project. Within the scope of the Medical Informatics Initiative of the federal government the bid of the MIRACUM Consortium under the direction of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg was successful. This big, interdisciplinary project aims to combine data from patient care and research and make them available for further research and treatment-related decision making and will run from January 2018 until the end of 2021.

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GAP - Well-Informed Patient-Doctor Communication

We are involved in an innovation fund project initiated and headed by the German Cochrane Center which focuses on well-informed patient-doctor communication. To make these patient-doctor interactions better-informed using the example of back pain, easier access to up-to-date, evidence-based, independent and easily comprehensible information is being provided. To facilitate an expansion to other medical indications at a later point in time, a specialised search engine looking for high quality comprehensible medical information across all medical fields is being integrated into the framework. Our contribution to the project amongst other things is the development of this search engine.

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ELIM - Modular E-Learning for Information Know-How

The ELIM project received its funding in 2017 through a special fund for teaching in the field of university medicine. In close cooperation with the Department for Medical Psychology of the University of Freiburg, instructive videos (podcasts), exercise examples and modules for self-tests were devised and made available over the internet for computers and mobile devices (smartphones). These materials were made available for ELIM in a prototype section of an educational platform of the University of Freiburg.

We planned additional modules for the upcoming funding periods together with several partners (e.g. German Cochrane Center, Center for Dental Medicine Freiburg and others) and already started their development. The topics we are focusing on now, are aspects of information retrieval and data management in order to show the students applications of skills in information management in their professional practice.

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