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Errata list:

If you come across any error in our book please feel free to get in touch with us. Errors will then be published on this page.

Page Comment
p. 24 "round(c(zscore, 2*pnorm(abs(zscore), lower.tail=FALSE" should
read "round(c(zscore, 2*pnorm(abs(zscore), lower.tail=FALSE)), 4)"
p.75 Correct variance in equation (3.30): 1 / sum(1 / varPeto_k) instead of 1 / (1 / sum(varPeto_k))
p. 89 no hat for variance sigma_{gk} in equation (4.1)
p. 100 "Q=16.79, 1 degree of freedom" should read "Q=16.79, 8 degrees of freedom"
p. 180 In equation (7.13), a plus sign is missing after "(K-1)Ip"
p. 196, footnote R function pairwise() has been added to R package netmeta, not meta
p. 248 Missing entry in Index: Hartung-Knapp method 37-38