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Evaluation of Muscle and Nerve Biopsies

Available Diagnostic Procedures

The diagnostic evaluation of muscle and nerve biopsies includes histopathology, histochemical detection of specific enzyme activities and electron microscopy.

Collaborations / Musclecenter Freiburg

The department of Neuropathology works in close collaborations with the Departments of Neurology and Pediatric Neurology Musclecenter Freiburg. Interesting cases are discussed in a in a monthly conference (clinical-pathological case presentations) .

Request of Muscle/Nerve Biopsy Evaluation

Clinical information is essential for an efficient diagnostic evaluation process. Please refer to the appropriate downloadable information, or contact Dr. K. Müller. Please call a day ahead of sending diagnostic material to ensure optimal transport and processing.

request form (.pdf file)

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Nerve Biopsies form (.pdf file)

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Muscle Biopsies and Nerve Biopsies form (.pdf file)

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Institutsleitung / Management

Prof. Dr. Marco Prinz
Medical Director

Dr. Daniel Erny
Senior Physicians

Sylvia Blust
Management Assistance

Tanja Wilde
Project Management

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