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Epilepsy surgery

The surgical treatment of patients diagnosed in either the Kehl-Kork Epilepsy Center (www.diakonie-kork.de) or our Division of Epileptology (Freiburg Epilepsy Center) and recommended as suitable candidates for epilepsy surgery is performed here in the Department of Neurosurgery (Prof. Dr. J. Zentner) at Neurocenter Freiburg. We have considerable experience with the complete range of surgical interventions.

The following surgical procedures are available:

  1. Temporal Lobectomy/Topectomy ( Details )
  2. Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy ( Details )
  3. Extratemporal Lobectomy/Topectomy ( Details )
  4. Multilobectomy ( Details )
  5. Multiple subpiale Transsections ( Details )
  6. Hemispherectomy/Hemispherotomy ( Details )
  7. Callostomy ( Details )
  8. Implantation of a vagus stimulator ( Details )
Dr. Christian Scheiwe

Dr. Christian Scheiwe, MD
Senior neurosurgeon

M. Shah, MD

Dr. M. Shah, MD
Senior Neurosurgeon