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Institute of Virology

Publications 2000

    • (1) Weber, F., Haller, O., Kochs, G.
      MxA GTPase blocks reporter gene expression of reconstituted Thogoto virus ribonucleoprotein complexes.
      J Virol 74: 560-563 (2000)

    • (2) Staeheli, P., Schwemmle, M.
      Bornavirus isolates of human origin (authors' reply)
      Lancet 355: 656-657 (2000)

    • (3) Hallensleben, W., Biro, L., Sauder, C., Hausmann, J., Asensio, V.C., Campbell, I.L., Staeheli, P.
      A polymorphism in the mouse Crg-2 / IP-10 gene complicates chemokine gene expression analysis using a commercial ribonuclease protection assay.
      J Immunol Methods 234: 149-151 (2000)

    • (4) Trost, M., Kochs, G., Haller, O.
      Characterization of a novel serine/threonine kinase associated with nuclear bodies.
      J Biol Chem 275: 7373-7377 (2000)

    • (5) Sick, C., Schneider, K., Staeheli, P., Weining, K.C.
      Novel chicken cxc and cc chemokines.
      Cytokine 12: 181-186 (2000)

    • (6) Schijns, V.E., Weining, K.C., Nuijten, P., Rijke, E.O., Staeheli, P.
      Immunoadjuvant activities of E. coli- and plasmid-expressed recombinant chicken IFN-alpha/beta, IFN-gamma and IL-1beta in 1-day and 3-week-old chickens.
      Vaccine 18: 2147-2154 (2000)

    • (7) Schwemmle, M., Jehle, C., Formella, S., Staeheli, P.
      Human bornaviruses and laboratory strains.
      Correspondence to The Lancet 355: 1462-1463 (2000)

    • (8) Staeheli, P., Lieb, K., Czygan, M., Sauder, C., Schwemmle, M.
      Reply to the Editor: Demonstration of Borna Disease virus nucleic acid in a patient with chronic fatigue syndrom.
      J Infect Dis 181 : 1861 (2000)

    • (9) Nowotny, N., Kolodziejek, J., Jehle, C.O., Suchy, A:, Staeheli, P., Schwemmle M.
      Isolation and characterization of a new subtype of Borna disease virus.
      J Virol 74: 5655-5658 (2000)

    • (10) Guttenbach, M., Nanda, I., Brickell, P.M., Godbout, R:, Staeheli, P., Zehner, Z.E., Schmid, M.
      Chromosomal localization of the genes encoding ALDH, BMP-2, R-FABP, IFN-gamma, RXR-gamma, and VIM in chicken by fluorescene in situ hybridization.
      Cytogenetic Cell Genet 88:266-271 (2000)

    • (11) Grethe, S., Heckel, J.-O., Rietschel, W., Hufert, F.T.
      Molecular Epidemiology of Hepatitis B Virus Variants in Nonhuman Primates.
      J Virol 74: 5377-5381 (2000)

    • (12) Heinkelein, M., Thurow, J., Dressler,M., Imrich, H., Neumann-Haefelin, D., McClure, M.O., Rethwilm, A.
      Complex effects of deletions in the 5'untranslated region primate foamy virus on viral gene expression and RNA packaging.
      J Virol 74:3141-3148 (2000)

    • (13) Marschall, M., Zach, A., Hechtfischer, A., Foerst, G., Meier-Ewert, H., Haller, O.
      Inhibition of influenza C viruses by human MxA protein.
      Virus Res 67: 179-188 (2000)

    • (14) Jehle, C., Lipkin, W. I., Staeheli, P., Marion, R. M., Schwemmle, M.
      Authentic Borna disease virus transcripts are spliced less efficiently than cDNA-derived viral RNAs.
      J Gen Virol 81: 1947-1954 (2000)

    • (15) Staeheli, P., Sauder, C., Hausmann, J., Ehrensperger, F., Schwemmle, M.
      Epidemiology of Borna disease virus.
      J Gen Virol 81: 2123-2135 (2000)

    • (16) Formella, S., Jehle, C., Sauder, C., Staeheli, P., Schwemmle, M.
      Sequence variability of Borna disease virus: resistance to superinfection may contribute to high genome stability in persistently infected cells.
      J Virol 74: 7878-7883 (2000)

    • (17) Janzen, Ch., Kochs, G., Haller, O.
      A monomeric GTPase-negative Mx mutant with antiviral activity.
      J Virol 74: 8202-8206 (2000)

    • (18) Sauder, Ch., Hallensleben, W., Pagenstecher, A., Schneckenburger, St., Biro, L., Pertlik, D., Hausmann, J., Suter, M., Staeheli, P.
      "Chemokine gene expression in astrocytes of Borna disease virus-infected rats and mice in the absence of inflammation"
      J Virol 74: 9267-9280 (2000)

    • (19) Hanusch, J., Schwieger, A., Sers, C., Schäfer, R., Bauer, G.
      Oncogenic transformation increases the sensitivity for apoptosis induction by inhibitors of macromolecular synthesis.
      Int J Oncol 17: 89-95 (2000)

    • (20) Engelmann, I., Bauer, G.
      How can tumor cells escape intercellular induction of apoptosis?
      Anticancer Res 20: 2297-2306 (2000)

    • (21)Engelmann, I., Eichholtz-Wirth, H., Bauer, G.
      Ex vivo tumor cell lines are resistant to intercellular induction of apoptosis and independent of exogenous survival factors.
      Anticancer Res 20: 2361-2370 (2000)

    • (22) Engelmann, I., Bauer, G.
      Reversible and oxidative inactivation of endogenous survival factors after removal of exogenous survival factors.
      Int J Oncol 17: 97-102 (2000)

    • (23) Engelmann, I., Dormann, S., Saran, M., Bauer, G.
      Transformed target cell-derived superoxide anions drive apoptosis induction by myeloperoxidase.
      Redox Report 5: 207-214 (2000)

    • (24) Bauer, G., Dormann, S., Engelmann, I., Schulz, A., Saran, M.
      Reactive oxygen species and apoptosis.
      In: Handbook of Experimental pharmacology, 142: 277-318,
      Apoptosis and its modulation by drugs (Eds. Cameron R.G., Feuer, G.)
      Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2000)

    • (25) Neumann-Haefelin, D.
      Definition, Struktur und Taxonomie der humanpathogenen Viren.
      In: Infektiologie 34: 1-10 (Hrsg. F. Hofmann) ecomed Verlag (2000)

    • (26) Schneider, K., Puehler, F., Baeuerle, D., Elvers, S., Staeheli, P., Kaspers, B., Weining, K.C.
      cDNA cloning of biologically active chicken Interleukin-18.
      J Interferon Cytokine Res 20: 879-883 (2000)

    • (27) Kochs, G., Weber, F., Gruber, S., Delvendahl, A:, Leitz, C., Haller, O.
      Thogoto virus matrix protein is encoded by a spliced mRNA.
      J Virol 74: 10785-10789 (2000)

    • (28) Ritter, M., Bouloy, M., Vialat, P., Janzen, C., Haller, O., Frese, M.
      Resistance to Rift Valley Fever virus in Rattus norvegicus: genetic variability within certain "inbred" strains.
      J Gen Virol 81: 2683-2688 (2000)

    • (29) Wagner, E., Engelhardt, O.G., Weber, F., Haller, O., Kochs, G.
      Formation of virus-like particles from cloned cDNAs of Thogoto virus.
      J Gen Virol 81: 2849-2853 (2000)

    • (30) Schulz, A., Bauer, G.
      Synergistic action between tumor necrosis factor-alpha and transforming growth factor type-beta: consequences for natural antitumor mechanisms.
      Anticancer Res 20:3443-3448 (2000)

    • (31) Schulz, A., Bauer G.
      Selective effect of tumor necrosis factor on transformed versus nontransformed cells: nonselective signal recognition but differential target cell response.
      Anticancer Res 20: 3435-3442 (2000)

    • (32) Herdener, M., Heigold, S., Saran, M., Bauer G.
      Target cell-derived superoxide anions causes efficiency and selectivity of intercellular induction of apoptosis.
      Free Radical Biol Med 29: 1260-1271 (2000)

    • (33) Frese, M., Prins, M., Ponten, A., Goldbach, R.W., Haller, O., Zeltz, P.
      Constitutive expression of interferon-induced human MxA protein in transgenic tobacco plants does not confer resistance to a variety of RNA viruses.
      Transgenic Res 9:429-438 (2000)

    • (34) Zocher, M., Czub, St., Schulte-Mönting, J., de la Torre, J., Sauder, Ch.
      Alterations in neurotrophin and neurotrophin receptor gene expression patterns in the rat central nervous system following perinatal Borna disease virus infection.
      J Neurovirol 6:462-477 (2000)

    • (35) Bauer, G.
      Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species: efficient, selective, and interactive signals during intercellular induction of apoptosis.
      Anticanceer Res 20:4115-4140 (2000)

    • (36) Lang, G., Marre, R., Neumann-Haefelin, D. Auge
      In: Marre, Mertens, Trautmann, Vanek (Hrsg.) Klinische Infektiologie,
      Urban & Fischer, München, Jena 241-254 (2000)

    • (37) Finke, J., Bertz, H., Schmoor, C., Veelken, H., Behringer, D., Wäsch, R., Kunzmann, R., Heidecker, L., Lang, H., Meyer-König, U., Mertelsmann, R.
      Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from unrelated donors using in vivo anti-T-cell globulin.
      Brit J Haematol 111: 303-313 (2000)

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