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Institute of Virology

Publications 2004

    • (1) Schneider, K., Kothlow, S., Schneider, P., Tardivel, A., Göbel, Th., Kaspers, B., Staeheli, P.
      Chicken BAFF - a highly conserved cytokine that mediates B cell survival.
      Int Immunol 16: 139-148 (2004)

    • (2) Bridgen, A., Dalrymple, D.A., Weber, F., Elliott, R.M.
      Inhibition of Dugbe nairovirus replication by human MxA protein.
      Virus Res 99: 47-50 (2004)

    • (3) Friedel, G., Hofer, M., Auber, B., Sauder, Ch., Hausmann, J., Staeheli, P., Pagenstecher, A.
      Borna Disease Virus multiplication in mouse organotypic slice cultures is site-specifically inhibited by Gamma Interferon but not by Interleukin-12.
      J Virol 78: 1212-1218 (2004)

    • (4) Schultz, U., Kaspers, B., Staeheli, P.
      The Interferon system of non-mammalian vertebrates.
      Developmental and comparative Immunology 28: 499-508 (2004)

    • (5) Rauer, M., Götz, J., Schuppli, D., Staeheli, P., Hausmann, J.
      Transgenic mice expressing the nucleoprotein of Borna Disease Virus in either neurons or astrocytes: Decreased susceptibility to homotypic infection and disease.
      J Virology 78:3621-3632 (2004)

    • (6) Hausmann, J., Sauder, Ch., Wasmer, M., Lu, B., Staeheli, P.
      Neurological disorder after Borna Disease Virus infection in the absence of either interferon-alpha, Fas, inducible NO synthase, or chemokine receptor CXCR3.
      Viral Immunol 17:79-85 (2004)

    • (7) Schwarz, H., Harlin, O., Ohnemus, A., Kaspers, B., Staeheli, P.
      Synthesis of IFN-ß by virus-infected chicken embryo cells demonstrated with specific antisera and a new bioassay.
      J Interferon and Cytokine Res 24:7179-184 (2004)

    • (8) Andersson, I., Bladh, L., Mousavi-Jazi, M., Magnusson, K.E., Lundkvist, Å., Haller, O., Mirazimi, A.
      Human MxA protein inhibits the replication of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus.
      J. Virol. 78:4323-4329 (2004)

    • (9) Mertens, Th., Haller, O., Klenk, H.-D. (Hrsg.)
      Diagnostik und Therapie von Viruskrankheiten: Leitlinien der Gesellschaft für Virologie.
      Elsevier Urban & Schwarzenberg, München , 2. Aufl (2004)

    • (10) Spiegel, M., Pichlmair, A., Mühlberger, E., Haller, O., Weber, F.
      The antiviral effect of interferon-beta against SARS-Coronavirus is not mediated by MxA protein.
      J Clin Virol 30: 211-213 (2004)

    • (11) Weidmann, M., Mühlberger, E., Hufert, F.T.
      Rapid detection protocol for filoviruses.
      J Clin Virol 30: 94-99 (2004)

    • (12) Schneider, U., Naegele, M., Staeheli, P.
      Regulation of the Borna disease virus polymerase complex by the viral nucleoprotein p38 isoform.
      Archives of Virol 149: 1409-1414 (2004)

    • (13) Poenisch, M.,Unterstab, G., Wolff, Th., Staeheli, P., Schneider, U.
      The X protein of Borna disease virus regulates viral polymerase activity through interaction with the P protein.
      J Gen Virol 85: 1895-1898 (2004)

    • (14) Mohm, J.M., Rump, J.-A., Schulte-Mönting, J., Schneider, J.
      Prognostic value of proliferative responses to HIV-1 antigen in chronically HIV-infected patients under antiretroviral therapy.
      J Clin Virol 30: 239-242 (2004)

    • (15) Weber, F.,
      The struggle within us: how viruses subvert the interferon system.
      Biovalley Journal, 2:14-15 (2004)

    • (16) Thomas, D., Blakqori, G., Wagner, V., Banholzer, M., Kessler, N., Elliott, R.M., Haller, O., Weber, F.
      Inhibition of RNA polymerase II phosphorylation by a viral interferon antagonist.
      J Biol Chem 279: 31471-31477 (2004)

    • (17) Engelhardt, O.G., Sirma, H., Pandolfi, P.-P., Haller, O.
      Mx1 GTPase accumulates in distinct nuclear domains and inhibits influenza A virus in cells that lack promyelocytic leukaemia protein nuclear bodies.
      J Gen Virol 85: 2315-2326 (2004)

    • (18) Fassnacht, U., Ackermann, A., Staeheli, P., Hausmann, J.
      Immunization with dendritic cells can break immunological ignorance toward a persisting virus in the central nervous system and induce partial protection against intracerebral viral challenge.
      J Gen Virol 85: 2379-2387 (2004)

    • (19) Müller-Doblies, D., Baumann, S., Grob, P., Hülsmeier, A., Müller-Doblies, U., Brünker, P., Ehrensperger, F., Staeheli, P., Ackermann, M., Suter, M.
      The humoral and cellular immune response of sheep against Borna disease virus in endemic and non-endemic areas.
      Schweiz Arch Tierheilk 146:159-172 (2004)

    • (20) Billecocq, A., Spiegel, M., Vialat, P., Kohl, A., Weber, F., Bouloy, M., Haller, O.
      NSs protein of rift valley fever virus blocks interferon production by inhibiting host gene transcription.
      J Virol 78: 9798-9806 (2004)

    • (21) Hofer, M., Hausmann, J., Staeheli, P., Pagenstecher, A.
      Cerebral expression of interleukin-12 induces neurological disease via differential pathways and recruits antigen-specific T cells in virus-infccted mice.
      Am J Pathol 165: 949-958 (2004)

    • (22) Ortmann, D., Hausmann, J., Beuschlein, F., Schmenger K., Stahl, M., Geissler, M., Reincke M.
      Steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR)-directed immunotherapy protects against tumor growth of StAR-expressing Sp2-0 cells in a rodent adrenocortical carcinoma model.
      Endocrinology 145: 1760-1766 (2004)

    • (23) Pichlmair, A., Pollak, M., Bergthaler, A.
      Die erste Antwort auf virale Infektionen: Typ I Interferone.
      Berl. Münch. Tierärztl. Wschr. 117: 252-265 (2004)

    • (24) Meyer-Koenig, U., Weidmann, M., Kirste, G., Hufert, F.T.
      Cytomegalovirus infection in organ-transplant recipients: Diagnostic value of PP65 antigen test, qualitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and quantitative Taqman PCR.
      Transplantation 77: 1692-1696 (2004)

    • (25) Reichelt, M., Stertz, S., Krijnse-Locker, J., Haller, O., Kochs, G.:
      Missorting of LaCrosse virus nucleocapsid protein by the interferon-induced MxA GTPase involves smooth ER membranes.
      Traffic 5: 772-784 (2004)

    • (26) Pichlmair, A., Buse, J., Jennings, St., Haller, O., Kochs, G., Staeheli, P.
      Thogoto Virus lacking interferon-antagonistic protein ML is strongly attenuated in newborn Mx1-negative mice.
      J Virol 78: 11422-11424 (2004)

    • (27) Sauder, C, Herpfer, I., Hässler, C., Staeheli, P.
      Susceptibility of Borna disease virus to the antiviral action of gamma-interferon: Evidence for species-specific differences.
      Arch Virol 149: 2171-2186 (2004)

    • (28) Steinmann, M., Moosmann, N., Schimmel, M., Gerhardus, Ch., Bauer, G.
      Differential role of extra- and intracellular superoxide anions for nitric oxide-mediated apoptosis induction.
      in vivo 18: 293-310 (2004)

    • (29) Krempl, Ch.D., Collins, P.L.
      Reevaluation of the virulence of prototypic strain 15 of pneumonia virus of mice.
      J Virol 78: 13362-13365 (2004)

    • (30) Hagmaier, K., Gelderblom, H.R., Kochs, G.
      Functional comparison of the two gene products of Thogoto virus segment 6.
      J Gen Virol 85: 3699-3708 (2004)

    • (31) Meyer-König, U., Hufert, F.T., Duffner, U., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Henschen, M.
      G-CSF-mobilised granulocyte transfusion to an ALL patient complicated by cytomegalovirus transmission.
      Bone Marrow Transpl 34: 1095-1096 (2004)

    • (32) Weber, F., Kochs, G., Haller, O.
      Inverse interference: How viruses fight the interferon system.
      Viral Immunol 17: 498-515 (2004)

    • (33) Schneider, U., Blechschmidt, K., Schwemmle, M., Staeheli, P.
      Overlap of interaction domains indicates a central role of the P protein in assembly and regulation of the Borna Disease virus polymerase complex.
      J Biol Chem 279: 55290-55296 (2004)

    • (34) Schwemmle, M., Lipkin, W.I.
      Models and mechanisms of bornavirus pathogenesis.
      Drug Discovery Today 2: 211-216 (2004)

    • (35) Schwemmle, M., Billich, Ch.
      The use of peptide arrays for the characterization of monospecific antibody repertoires from polyclonal sera of psychiatric patients suspected of infection by Borna Disease Virus.
      Molecular Diversity 8: 247-250 (2004)

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