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Institute of Virology

Publications 2006

    • (1) Jorns, C., Holzinger D., Thimme., Spangenberg, H.Ch., Weidmann, M., Rasenack, J., Blum, H.E., Haller, O., Kochs, G.
      Rapid and simple detection of IFN-neutralizing antibodies in chronic hepatitis C non-responsive to IFN-alpha.
      J Med Virol 78: 74-82 (2006)

    • (2)Haller, O., Kochs, G., Weber, F.
      The interferon response circuit: Induction and suppression by pathogenic viruses.
      Virology 344: 119-130 (2006)

    • (3) Froese, N., Schwarzer, M., Niedick, I.,Frischmann, U., Köster, M., Kröger, A., Mueller, P.P., Nourbakhsh, M., Pasche, B., Reimann, J., Staeheli, P., Hauser, J.
      Innate immune responses in NF-kB-repressing factor-deficient mice.
      Mol Cell Biol 26: 293-302 (2006)

    • (4) Andersson, I., Lundkvist, A., Haller, O., Mirazimi, A.
      Type I Interferon inhibits Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in human target cells.
      J Med Virol 78: 216-222 (2006)

    • (5) Huck, B., Scharf, G., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Puppe, W., Weigl, J., Falcone, V.
      Novel human metapneumovirus sublineage.
      Emerg Infect Dis 12: 147-150 (2006)

    • (6) Weber, F., Wagner, V., Kessler, N., Haller, O.
      Induction of interferon synthesis by the PKR-inhibitory VA RNAs of Adenoviruses.
      J. Interferon and Cytokine Res. 26: 1-7 (2006)

    • (7) Thimme, R., Lohmann, V., Weber, F.
      A target on the move: Innate and adaptive immune escape strategies of hepatitis C virus.
      Antiviral Res 69: 129-141 (2006)

    • (8) Kash, J.C., Mühlberger, E., Carter, V., Grosch, M., Perwitasari, O., Proll, S.C., Thomas, M.J., Weber, F., Klenk, H.-D., Katze, M. G.
      Global suppression of the host antiviral response by Ebola- and Marburgviruses: Increased antagonism of the type I interferon response is associated with enhanced virulence.
      J Virol 80: 3009-3020 (2006)

    • (9) Weber, F., Wagner, V., Rasmussen, S.B., Hartmann, R., Paludan, S.R.
      Double-stranded RNA is produced by positive-strand RNA viruses and DNA viruses but not in detectable amounts by negative-strand RNA viruses.
      J Virol 80: 5059-5064 (2006)

    • (10) Spiegel, M., Weber, F.
      Inhibition of cytokine gene expression and induction of chemokine genes in non-lymphatic cells infected with SARS coronavairus.
      Virology J 3: 17 (2006)

    • (11) Teschner, S., Geyer, M., Wilpert, J., Schwertfeger, E., Schenk, Th., Walz, G., Donauer, J.
      Remission of polyomavirus-induced graft nephropathy treated with low-dose leflunomide.
      Nephrol Dial Transplant (2006) online

    • (12) Delhaye, S., Paul, S., Blakqori, G., Minet, M., Weber, F., Staeheli, P., Michiels, Th.
      Neurons produce type I interferon during viral encephalitis.
      Proc Natl Acad Sci 103: 7835-7840 (2006)

    • (13) Hofer, M.J., Schindler, A.R., Ehrensperger, F., Staeheli, P., Pagenstecher, A.
      Absence of Borna disease virus in the CNS of epilepsy patients.
      J Clin Virol 36: 84-85 (2006)

    • (14) Huck, B., Egger, M., Bertz, H., Peyerl-Hoffman, G., Kern, W.V., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Falcone, V.
      Human metapneumovirus infection in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipient with relapsed multiple myeloma and rapidly progressing lung cancer.
      J Clin Microbiol 44:2300-2303 (2006)

    • (15) Spiegel, M., Schneider, K., Weber, F., Weidmann, M., Hufert, F.T.
      Interaction of severe acute respiratory sydrome-associated coronavirus with dendritic cells.
      J Gen Virol 87: 1953-1960 (2006)

    • (16) Meyer-Koenig, U, Romberg, I., Schneider, K., Weidmann, M., Kern, W.V., Hufert, F.T.
      Diagnostic value of reverse transcription-PCR for detection of cytomegalovirus pp67 in samples from solid-organ transplant recipients.
      J Clin Microbiol 44: 3394-3396 (2006)

    • (17) Pichlmair, A., Schulz, O., Tan, C.P., Näslund, T.I., Liljeström, P., Weber, F., Reis e Sousa, C.
      RIG-I-mediated antiviral responses to single-stranded RNA bearing 5'phosphates.
      Science 314: 997-1001 (2006)

    • (18) Chase, G., Mayer, D., Hildebrand, A., Frank, R., Hayshi, Y., Tomonaga, K., Schwemmle M.
      Borna disease virus matrix protein is an integral component of the viral ribonucleoprotein complex that does not interfere with polymerase activity.
      J Virol, online (2006)

    • (19) Pottgiesser, T., Wolfarth, B., Schumacher, Y.O., Bauer, G.
      Epstein-Barr virus serostatus: no difference despite aberrant patterns in athletes and control group.
      Med Sci Sports Exerc 38: 1782-1791 (2006)

    • (20) Mayer, D., Molawi, K., Martínez-Sobrido, L., Ghanem, A., Thomas, St., Baginsky S., Grossmann J., García-Sastre, A., Schwemmle M.
      Identification of cellular interaction partners of the influenza virus ribonucleoprotein complex and polymerase complex using proteomic-based approaches.
      J proteom res: online (2006)

    • (21) Pletneva, L.M., Haller, O., Porter, D.D., Prince, G.A., and Blanco, J.C.G.
      Interferon-inducible Mx gene Expression in Cotton rats: Cloning, characterization, and expression during influenza viral infection.
      J. Interferon and Cytokine Res. 26: 914-921 (2006)

    • (22) Stertz, S., Reichelt, M., Krijnse-Locker, J., Mackenzie, J., Simpson, J.C., Haller, O., Kochs, G.
      Interferon-induced, antiviral human MxA Protein localizes to a distinct subcompartment of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.
      J Interferon and Cytokine Res. 26: 650-660 (2006)

    • (23) Martin, A., Staeheli, P., Schneider, U.
      RNA Polymerase II-Controlled expression of antigenomic RNA enhances the rescue efficacies of two different members of the/ mononegavirales/ independently of the site of viral genome replication.
      J Virol 12: 5708-5715 (2006)

    • (24) Falcone, V., Mihm, D., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Costa, C., Nguyen, T., Pozzi, G., Ricci, S.
      Systemic and mucosal immunity to respiratory syncytial virus induced by recombinant Streptococcus gordonii surface-displaying a domain of viral glycoprotein G.
      FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 48: 116-122 (2006)

    • (25) Leutloff, R., Nübling, M., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Rieger, M.A.
      Cows as indicator for tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) endemic regions: Suitabiltiy of testing for antibodies in serum and milk.
      Int J Med Microbiol 296: 87-88 (2006)

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