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Institute of Virology

Publications 2012

    • (1) Kaminski, M., Ohnemus, A., Cornitescu, M., Stäheli, P.
      Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and Toll-like receptor 7-dependent signalling promote efficient protection of mice against highly virulent influenza A virus
      J Gen Virol 93: 555-559 (2012)

    • (2) van den Worm, S.H.E., Eriksson, K.K., Zevenhoven, J.C., Weber, F., Züst, R., Kuri, T., Dijkman, R., Chang, G., Siddell, S.G., Snijder, E.J., Thiel, V., Davidson, A.D.
      Reverse Genetics of SARS-Related Coronavirus Using Vaccinia Virus-Based Recombination
      PLoS One 7: e32857 (2012) published online

    • (3) Kundrát, P., Bauer, G., Jacob, P., Friedland, W.
      Mechanistic modelling suggests that the size of preneoplastic lesions is limited by intercellular induction of apoptosis in oncogenically transformed cells
      Carcinogenesis 33: 253-259 (2012)

    • (4) Hoffmann, D., Hutzenthaler, M., Seebach, J., Panning, M., Umgelter, A., Menzel, H., Protzer, U., Metzler, D.
      Norovirus GII.4 and GII.7 capsid sequences undergo positive selection in chronically infected patients
      Infect Genet Evol 12: 461-466 (2012)

    • (5) Koerner, I., Matrosovich, MN., Haller, O., Staeheli, P., Kochs, G.
      Altered receptor specificity and fusion activity of the haemagglutinin contribute to high virulence of a mouse-adapted influenza A virus
      J Gen Virol 93: 970-979 (2012)

    • (6) Falcone, V., Panning, M., Strahm, B., Vraetz, T., Bierbaum, S., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Huzly, D.
      Prolonged KI Polyomavirus Infection in Immunodeficient Child
      Emerg Infect Dis 18: 706-708 (2012)

    • (7) Bierne, H., Travier, L., Mahlakoiv, T., Tailleux, L., Subtil, A., Lebreton, A., Paliwal, A., Gicquel, B., Staeheli, P., Lecuit, M., Cossart, P.
      Activation of Type III Interferon Genes by Pathogenetic Bacteria in Infected Epithelial Cells and Mouse Placenta
      PLoS One 7: e39080 (2012) published online

    • (8) Matsumoto, Y., Hayashi Y., Omori, H., Honda, T., Daito, T., Horie, M., Ikuta, K., Fujino, K., Nakamura, S., Schneider, U., Chase, G., Yoshimori, T., Schwemmle, M., Tomonaga, K.
      Bornavirus closely associates and segregates with host chromosomes to ensure persistent intranuclear infection
      Cell Host Microbe 11: 492-503 (2012)

    • (9) Hornig, M., Briese, T., Licinio, J., Khabbaz, R.F., Altshuler, L.L., Potkin, S.G., Schwemmle, M., Siemetzki, U., Mintz, J., Honkavuori, K., Kraemer, H.C., Egan, M.F., Whybrow, P.C., Bunney, W.E., Lipkin, W.I.
      Absence of evidence for bornavirus infection ins schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder
      Mol Psychiatry 17: 486-493 (2012)

    • (10) Chase, G., Schwemmle, M.
      Affinity purification of influenza virus ribonucleinprotein complexes from the chromatin of infected cells
      J Vis Exp 64: pii4028 (2012)

    • (11) Mänz, B., Brunotte, L., Reuther, P., Schwemmle, M.
      Adaptive mutations in NEP compensate for defective H5N1 RNA replication in cultured human cells
      Nat Commun 3: 802 (2012)

    • (12) Bauer, G.
      Tumor Cell-protective Catalase as a Novel Target for Rational Therapeutic Approaches Based on Specific Intercellular ROS Signaling
      Anticancer Res 32: 2599-2624 (2012)

    • (13) Pichlmair, A., Kandasamy, K., Alvisi, G., Mulhern, O., Sacco, R. Habjan, M., Binder, M., Stefanovic, A., Eberle, C.-A., Goncalves, A., Bürckstümmer, T., Müller, A.C., Fauster, A., Holze, C., Lindsten, K., Goodbourn, S., Kochs, G., Weber, F., Bartenschlager, R., Bowie, A.G., Bennett, K.L., Colinge, J., Superti-Furga, G.
      Viral immune modulators perturb the human molecular network by common and unique strategies
      Nature 487: 486-492 (2012)

    • (14) Ganal, S.C., Sanos, S.L., Kallfass, C., Oberle, K., Johner, C., Kirschning, C., Lienenklaus, S., Weiss, S., Staeheli, P., Aichele, P., Diefenbach, A.
      Priming of Natural Killer Cells by Nonmucosal Mononuclear Phagocytes Requires Instructive Signals from Commensal Microbiota
      Immunity 37: 171-186 (2012)

    • (15) Pottgiesser, T., Schumacher, Y.O., Wolfarth, B., Schmidt-Trucksäss, A., Bauer, G.
      Longitudinal Observation of Epstein-Barr Virus Antibodies in Athletes During a Competitive Season
      J Med Virol 84: 1415-1422 (2012)

    • (16) May, J., Drexler, J.F., Reber, U., Sarpong, N., Adjei, O., Panning, M., Drosten, C., Eis-Hübinger, A.M.
      Human Parvovirus 4 Viremia in Young Children, Ghana
      Emerg Infect Dis 18: 1690-1692 (2012)

    • (17) Drexler, J.F., Reber, U., Muth, D., Herzog, P., Annan, A., Ebach, F., Sarpong, N., Acquah, S., Adlkofer, J., Adu-Sarkodie, Y., Panning, M., Tannich, E., May, J., Drosten, C., Eis-Hübinger, A.M.
      Human Parvovirus 4 in Nasal and Fecal Specimens from Children, Ghana
      Emerg Infect Dis 18: 1650-1653 (2012)

    • (18) Kallfass, C., Ackermann, A., Lienenklaus, S., Weiss, S., Heimrich, B., Staeheli, P.
      Visualizing Production of Beta Interferon by Astrocytes and Microglia in Brain of La Crosse Virus-Infected Mice
      J Virol 86: 11223-11229 (2012)

    • (19) Herrel, M., Hoefs, N., Staeheli, P., Schneider, U.
      Tick-Borne Nyamanini Virus Replicates in the Nucleus and Exhibits Unusual Genome and Matrix Protein Properties
      J Virol 86: 10739-10747 (2012)

    • (20) Bierbaum, S., Königsfeld, N., Besazza, N., Blessing, K., Rücker, G., Kontny, U., Berner, R., Schumacher, M., Forster, J., Falcone, V., Van de Sand, C., Essig, A., Huzly, D., Rohde, G., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Panning, M.
      Performance of a novel microarray multiplex PCR for the detection of 23 respiratory pathogens (SYMP-ARI study)
      Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis 31: 2851-2861 (2012)

    • (21) Mitchell, P.S., Patzina, C., Emerman, M., Haller, O., Malik, H.S., Kochs, G.
      Evolution-Guided Identification of Antiviral Specificity Determinants in the Broadly Acting Interferon-Induced Innate Immunity Factor MxA
      Cell Host Microbe 12: 598-604 (2012)

    • (22) Mahlakoiv, T., Ritz, D., Mordstein, M., DeDiego, M.L., Enjuanes, L., Müller, M.A., Drosten, C., Staeheli, P.
      Combined action of type I and type III interferon restricts initial replication of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the lung but fails to inhibit systemic virus spread
      J Gen Virol 93: 2601-2605 (2012)

    • (23) Rubbenstroth, D., Rinder, M., Kaspers, B., Staeheli, P.
      Efficient isolation of avian bornaviruses (ABV) from naturally infected psittacine birds and identification of a new ABV genotype form a salmon-crested cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis)
      Vet Microbiol 161: 36-42 (2012)

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