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Publications 2013

    • (1) Kaminski, M., Ohnemus, A., Stäheli, P., Rubbenstroth, D.
      Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Virus Carrying a Q136K Mutation in the Neuraminidase Gene Is Resistant to Zanamivir but Exhibits Reduced Fitness in the Guinea Pig Transmission Model
      J Virol 87: 1912-1915 (2013)

    • (2) Becker, S.L., Vogt, J., Knopp, S., Panning, M., Warhurst, D.C., Polman, K., Marti, H., von Müller, L., Yansouni, C.P., Jacobs, J., Bottieau, E., Sacko, M., Rijal, S., Meyanti, F., Miles, M.A., Boelaert, M., Lutumba, P., van Lieshout, L., N Goran, E.K., Chappuis, F., Utzinger, J.
      Persistent digestive disorders in the tropics: causative infectious pathogens and reference diagnostic tests
      BMC Infect Dis 13: 37-48 (2013)

    • (3) Weber, M., Gawanbacht, A., Habjan, M., Rang, A., Borner, C., Schmidt, A.M., Veitinger, S., Jacob, R., Devignot, S., Kochs, G., Garcia-Sastre, A., Weber, F.
      Incoming RNA Virus Nucleocapsids Containing a 5'-Triphosphorylated Genome Activate RIG-I and Antiviral Signaling
      Cell Host Microbe 13: 336-346 (2013)

    • (4) Mänz, B., Dornfeld, D., Götz, V., Zell, R., Zimmermann, P., Haller, O., Kochs, G., Schwemmle, M.
      Pandemic Influenza A Virus Escape from Restriction by Human MxA through Adaptive Mutations in the Nucleoprotein
      Plos Pathog 9: e1003279 (2013)

    • (5) Schär, F., Odermatt, P., Khieu, V., Panning, M., Duong, S., Muth, S., Marti, H., Kramme, S.
      Evaluation of real-time PCR for Strongyloides stercoralis and hookworm as diagnostic tool in asymptomatic schoolchildren in Cambodia
      Acta Trop 126: 89-92 (2013)

    • (6) Temme, J., Bauer, G.
      Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation Enhances Superoxide Anion Production by Nonirradiated Cells Through TGF-β1-Dependent Bystander Signaling
      Radiat Res 179: 422-432 (2013)

    • (7) Wu, Y.-J., Schulz, H., Lin, C.-C., Saar, K., Patone, G., Fischer, H., Hübner, N., Heimrich, B., Schwemmle, M.
      Borna disease virus-induced neuronal degeneration dependent on host genetic background and prevented by soluble factors
      PNAS USA 110: 1899-1904 (2013)

    • (8) Kallfass, C., Lienenklaus, S., Weiss, S., Staehli, P.
      Visualizing the Beta Interferon Response in Mice during Infection with Influenza A Virus Expressing or Lacking Nonstructural Protein 1
      J Virol 87: 6925-6930 (2013)

    • (9) Krawczyk, A., Arndt, M.A.E., Grosse-Hovest, L., Weichert, W., Giebel, B., Dittmer, U., Hengel, H., Jäger, D., Scheweis, K.E., Eis-Hübinger, A.M., Roggendorf, M., Krauss, J.
      Overcoming drug-resistant herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection by a humanized antibody
      PNAS USA 110: 6760-6765 (2013)

    • (10) Otto, C., Huzly, D., Kemna, L., Hüttel, A., Benk, C., Rieg, S., Ploenes, T., Werner, M., Kayser, G.
      Acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonia associated with influenza A/H1N1 pneumonia after lung transplantation
      BMC Pulm Med 13: 30 (2013)

    • (11) Rubbenstroth, D., Rinder, M., Stein, M., Höper, D., Kaspers, B., Brosinski, K., Horie, M., Schmidt, V., Legler, M., Korbel, R., Staeheli, P.
      Avian bornaviruses are widely distributed in canary birds (Serinus canaria f. domestica)
      Vet Microbiol: 165: 287-295 (2013)

    • (12) Knuschke, T., Sokolova, V., Rotan, O., Wadwa, M., Tenbusch, M., Hansen, W., Staeheli, P., Epple, M., Buer, J., Westendorf, A.M.
      Immunization with Biodegradable Nanoparticles Efficiently Induces Cellular Immunity and Protects against Influenza Virus Infection
      J Immunol 190: 6221-6229 (2013)

    • (13) Herrel, M., Haag, L., Nilsson, J., Staeheli, P., Schneider, U.
      Reverse Genetics Identifies the Product of Open Reading Frame 4 as an Essential Particle Assembly Factor of Nyamanini Virus
      J Virol 87: 8257-8260 (2013)

    • (14) Hengel, H., Peters, G.
      Bundesgesundheitsblatt 56: 5-7 (2013)

    • (15) Beutler, N., Hauka, S., Niepel, A., Kowalewski, D.J., Uhlmann, J., Ghanem, E., Erkelenz, S., Wiek, C., Hanenberg, H., Schaal, H., Stevanovic, S., Springer, S., Momburg, F., Hengel, H., Halenius, A.
      A natural tapasin isoform lacking exon 3 modifies peptide loading complex function
      Eur J Immunol 43: 1459-1469 (2013)

    • (16) Koch, J., Wiese-Posselt, M., Remschmidt, C., Wichmann, O., Bertelsmann, H., Garbe, E., Hengel, H., Meerpohl, J.J., Mas Marques, A., Oppermann, H., Hummers-Pradier, E., von Kries, R., Mertens, T.
      Background paper to the recommendation for routine rotavirus vaccination of infants in Germany
      Bundesgesundheitsblatt 56: 957-984 (2013)

    • (17) Kaiser, P., Staeheli, P.
      Avian Cytokines and Chemokines
      In: Avian Immunology, 2nd Edition, Elsevier, London (2013)

    • (18) Lohrmann, F., Dijkmann, R., Stertz, S., Thiel, V., Haller, O., Staeheli, P., Kochs, G.
      Emergence of a C-Terminal Seven-Amino-Acid Elongation of NS1 in Around 1950 Conferred a Minor Growth Advantage to Former Seasonal Influenza A Viruses
      J Virol 87: 11300-11303 (2013)

    • (19) Falcone, V., Bierbaum, S., Kern, W., Kontny, W., Bertz, H., Huzly, D., Panning, M.
      Influenza virus A(H1N1)pdm09 hemagglutinin polymorphism and associated disease in southern Germany during the 2010/11 influenza season
      Arch Virol 158: 1297-1303 (2013)

    • (20) Theilacker, C., Held, J., Allering, L., Emmerich, P., Schmidt-Chanasit, J., Kern, W., Panning, M.
      Prolonged polyarthralgia in a German traveller with Mayaro virus infection without inflammatory correlates
      BMC Infect Dis 13: 369-372 (2013)

    • (21) Adams, O., Werzmirzowsky, J., Hengel, H.
      Genetic analysis and antigenic characterization of human respiratory syncytial virus group A viruses isolated in Germany 1996-2008
      Virus Genes 47: 210-218 (2013)

    • (22) Haller, O.
      Dynamins are forever: MxB inhibits HIV-1
      Cell Host Microbe 14: 371-373 (2013)

    • (23) Panning, M.
      Influenza heute und in Zukunft
      Pneumologe 10: 314-325 (2013)

    • (24) Xiao, H., Killip, M.J., Staeheli, P., Randall, R.E., Jackson, D.
      The Human Interferon-Induced MxA Protein Inhibits Early Stages of Influenza A Virus Infection by Retaining the Incoming Viral Genome in the Cytoplasm
      J Virol 87: 13053-13058 (2013)

    • (25) Siedler, A., Hecht, J., Rieck, T., Tolksdorf, K., Hengel, H.
      Die Varizellenimpfung in Deutschland
      Bundesgesundheitsblatt 56: 1313-1320 (2013)

    • (26) Harder, T., Remschmidt, C., Falkenhorst, G., Zimmermnn, R., Hengel, H., Ledig, T., Oppermann, H., Zeuzen, S., Wicker, S.
      Background paper to the revised recommendation for hepatitis B vaccination of persons of particular risk and for hepatitis B postexposure prophylaxis in Germany
      Bundesgesundheitsblatt 56: 1565-1576 (2013)

    • (27) Kuhn, J.H., Bekal, S., Cai, Y., Clawson, A.N., Domier, L.L., Herrel, M., Jahrling, P.B., Kondo, H., Lambert, K.N., Mihindukulasuriya, K.A., Nowotny, N., Radoshitzky, S.R., Schneider, U., Staeheli, P., Suzuki, N., Tesh, R.B., Wang, D., Wang, L-F., Dietzgen, R.G.
      Nyamiviridae: Proposal for a new family in the order Mononegavirales
      Arch Virol 158: 2209-2226 (2013)

    • (28) Bauer G:
      HOCl-dependent singlet oxygen and hydroxyl radical generation modulate and induce apoptosis of malignant cells
      Anticancer Res, 2013; 33: 3589-3602.

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