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Institute of Virology

Publications 2014

    • (1) Reuter, A., Soubies, S., Härtle, S., Schusser, B., Kaspers, B., Stäheli, P., Rubbenstroth, D.
      Antiviral Activity of Lamda Interferon in Chickens
      J Virol 88: 2835-2843 (2014)
    • (2) Hermant, P., Demarez, C., Mahlakoiv, T., Staeheli, P., Meulemann, P.
      Human but Not Mouse Hepatocytes Respond to Interferon-Lambda In Vivo
      PLOS ONE 9: e87906 (2014)
    • (3) Guilligay, D., Kadlec, J., Crépin, T., Lunardi, T., Bouvier, D., Kochs, G., Ruigrok, R., Cusack, S.
      Comparative Structural and Functional Analysis of Orthomyxovirus Polymerase Cap-Snatching Domains
      PLOS ONE 9: e84973 (2014)
    • (4) Patzina, C., Haller, O., Kochs, G.
      Structural Requirements for the Antiviral Activity of the Human MxA Protein against Thogoto and Influenza A Virus
      J Biol Chem 289: 6020-6027 (2014)
    • (5) Nachmani, D., Zimmermann, A., Dijan, E.O., Weisblum, O., Livneh, Y., Khanh Le, V.T., Galun, E., Horejsi, V., Isakov, O., Shomrom, N., Wolf, D.G., Hengel, H., Mandelboim, O.
      MicroRNA Editing Facilitates Immune Elimination of HCMV Infected Cells
      PLOS Pathogens 10: e1003963 (2014)
    • (6) Bierbaum, S., Forster, J., Berner, R., Rücker, G., Rohde, G., Neumann-Haefelin, D., Panning, M., CAPNETZ study group
      Detection of respiratory viruses using multiplex real-time PCR assay in Germany, 2009/10
      Arch Virol 159: 669-676 (2014)
    • (7) Zimmermann, A., Hauka, S., Maywald, M., Khanh Le, V.T., Schmidt, S.K., Däubener, W., Hengel, H.
      Checks and balances between human cytomegalovirus replication and indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase
      J Gen Virol 95: 659-670 (2014)
    • (8) Rubbenstroth, D., Schmidt, V., Rinder, M., Legler, M., Corman, V.M., Staeheli, P.
      Discovery of a new avian bornavirus genotype in estrildid finches (Estrildidae) in Germany
      Vet Microbiol 168: 318-323 (2014)
    • (9) Trilling, M., Khanh Le, V.T., Rashidi-Alavijeh, J., Katschinski, B., Scheller, J., Rose-John, S., Androsiac, G.E., Jonjic, S., Poli, V., Pfeffer, K., Hengel, H.
      "Activated" STAT Proteins: A Paradoxical Consequence of Inhibited JAK-STAT Signaling in Cytomegalovirus-Infected Cells
      J Immunol 192: 447-458 (2014)
    • (10) Bartholomaeus, P., Semmler, L.Y., Bukur, T., Boisguerin, V., Römer, P.S., Tabares, P., Chuvpilo, S., Tyrsin, D.Y., Matskevich, A., Hengel, H., Castle, J., Hünig, T., Kalinke, U.
      Cell Contact-Dependent Priming and Fc Interaction with CD32+ Immune Cells Contribute to the TGN1412-Triggered Cytokine Response
      J Immunol 192: 2091-2098 (2014)
    • (11) Halenius, A., Hengel, H.
      Human Cytomegalovirus and Autoimmune Disease
      Biomed Res Int. 2014: 472978 (2014) Review
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    • (12) Bauer, G.
      Targeting extracellular ROS signaling of tumor cells 
      Anticancer Res 34: 1467-1482 (2014) Review
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    • (13) Wölfle, U., Seelinger, G., Bauer, G., Meinke, M.M., Lademann, J. and Schempp, C.
      Reactive Molecule Species and Antioxidative Mechanisms in Normal Skin and Skin Aging 
      Skin Pharmacol Physiol 27: 316-332 (2014)
    • (14) Bauer, G., Bereswill, S., Aichele, P., Glocker, E.
      Helicobacter pylori protects protects oncogenically transformed cells from reactive oxygen species-mediated intercellular induction of apoptosis 
      Carcinogenesis 35: 1582-1591 (2014)
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    • (15) Rubbenstroth, D., Brosinski, K., Rinder, M., Olbert, M., Kaspers, B., Korbel, R., Staeheli, P.
      No contact transmission of avian bornavirus in experimentally infected cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) and domestic canaries (Serinus canaria forma domestica) 
      Vet Microbiol 172: 146-156 (2014)
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    • (16) Meisel, R., Heseler, K., Nau, J., Schmidt, S.K., Leineweber, M., Pudelko, S., Wenning, J., Zimmermann, A., Hengel, H., Sinzger, C., Degistirici, Ö., Sorg, R.V., Däubener, W.
      Cytomegalovirus Infection Impairs Immunosuppressive and Antimicrobial Effector Functions of Human Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
      Mediat Inflamm 2014: 1-7 (2014)
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    • (17) Corrales-Aguilar, E., Trilling, M., Hunold, K., Fiedler, M., Le, V.T., Reinhard, H., Ehrhardt, K., Merce-Maldonado, E., Aliyev, E., Zimmermann, A., Johnson, D.C., Hengel, H.
      Human cytomegalovirus Fcgamma binding proteins gp34 and gp68 antagonize Fcgamma receptors I, II and III
      Plos Pathog 10: e1004131-e1004131 (2014)
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    • (18) Spanier, J., Lienenklaus, S., Paijo, J., Kessler, A., Borst, K., Heindorf, S., Baker, D.P., Kröger, A., Weiss, S., Detje, C.N., Staeheli, P., Kalinke, U.
      Concomitant TLR/RLH Signaling of Radioresistant and Radiosensitive Cells Is Essential for Protection against Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Infection

      J Immunol 193 (6): 3045-3054 (2014)
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    • (19) Soubies, S., Haller, O.
      Les GTPases Mx: irréductibles défenseurs contre les envahisseurs viraux

      Virologie 18 (2): 105-116 (2014)
    • (20) Huzly, D., Umhau, M., Bettinger, D., Cathomen, T., Emmerich, F., Hasselblatt, P., Hengel, H., Herzog, R., Kappert. O., Maassen, S., Schorb, E., Schulz-Huotari, C., Thimme, R., Unmüssig, R., Wenzel, J.J., Panning, M.
      Transfusion-transmitted hepatitis E in Germany, 2013

      Eurosurveillance 19 (21): 1-5 (2014)
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    • (21) Semper, C., Leitner, N.R., Lassnig, C., Parrini, M., Mahlakoiv, T., Rammerstorfer, M., Lorenz, K., Rigler, D., Müller, S., Kolbe, T., Vogl, C., Rülicke, T., Staeheli, P., Decker, T., Müller, M., Strobl, B.
      STAT1β is not dominant negative and is capable of contributing to gamma interferon-dependent innate immunity

      Molecular and Cellular Biology 34 (12): 2235-2248 (2014)
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    • (22) Panning, M., Huzly, D., Hengel, H., Kern, W., Dettenkofer, M.
      The crucial role of Molecular Diagnostics

      Deutsches Ärzteblatt International 111: 1-2 (2014)
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    • (23) Rath, A., Berner, R., Panning, M., Krueger, M., Gerecke, A.
      Parechovirus as a cause of a sepsis-like syndrome with cerebral involvement in a 7-week old infant

      Klinische Pädiatrie 226 (2): 76-77 (2014)
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    • (24) Krause, J.C., Panning, M., Hengel, H., Henneke, P.
      Stellenwert der Multiplex-PCR bei Atemwegsinfektionen im Kindesalter

      Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 2014; 111 (38): 639-645 (2014)
    • (25) Scheit, K., Bauer, G.
      Synergistic effects between catalase inhibitors and modulators of nitric oxide metabolism on tumor cell apoptosis

      Anticancer Res 34: 5337-5350 (2014)
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    • (26) Reuther, P., Giese, S., Götz, V., Kilb, N., Mänz, B., Brunotte, L., Schwemmle, M.
      Adaptive mutations in the nuclear export protein of human-derived H5N1 strains facilitate a polymerase activity-enhancing conformation

      J Virol 88: 263-271 (2014)
    • (27) Reuther, P., Giese, S., Götz, V., Riegger, D., Schwemmle, M.
      Phosphorylation of highly conserved serine residues in the influenza A virus nuclear export protein NEP plays a minor role in viral growth in human cells and mice
      J Virol 88: 7668-7673 (2014)
    • (28) Brunotte, L., Flies, J., Bolte, H., Reuther, P., Vreede, F., Schwemmle, M.
      The nuclear export protein of H5N1 influenza A viruses recruits Matrix 1 (M1) protein to the viral ribonucleoprotein to mediate nuclear export
      J Biol Chem 289 (29): 20067-20077 (2014)
    • (29) Juozapaitis, M., Aguiar Moreira, E., Mena, I., Giese, S., Riegger, D., Pohlmann, A., Höper, D., Zimmer, G., Beer, M., Garcia-Sastre, A., Schemmle, M.
      An infectious bat-derived chimeric influenza virus harbouring the entry machinery of an influenza A virus
      Nat Commun 5:4448. doi: 10.1038/ncomms5448 (2014)
    • (30) Ludwig, S., Zell, R., Schwemmle, M., Herold, S.
      Influenza, a One Health paradigm-Novel therapeutic strategies to fight a zoonotic pathogen with pandemic potential
      Int J Med Microbiol 304: 894-901 (2014)
    • (31) Zimmermann, V., Rinder, M., Kaspers, B., Staeheli, P., Rubbenstroth, D.
      Impact of antigenic diversity on laboratory diagnosis of Avian bornavirus infections in birds
      J Vet Diagn Invest 26: 769-777 (2014)
    • (32) Döring, M., Lessin, I., Frenz, T., Spanier, J., Kessler, A., Tegtmeyer, P., Dağ, F., Thiel, N., Trilling, M., Lienenklaus, S., Weiss, S., Scheu, S., Messerle, M., Cicin-Sain, L., Hengel, H., Kalinke, U.
      M27 expressed by cytomegalovirus counteracts effective type I interferon induction of myeloid cells but not of plasmacytoid dendritic cells
      J Virol 88: 13638-13650 (2014)
    • (33) Scheer, S., Krempl, C., Kallfass, C., Frey, S., Jakob, T., Mouahid, G., Moné, H., Schmitt-Gräff, A., Staeheli, P., Lamers, M.C.
      S. mansoni Bolsters Anti-Viral Immunity in the Murine Respiratory Tract
      Plos One 9 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0112469 (2014)
    • (34) Jost, N.H., Abel, S., Hutzler, M., Sparwasser, T., Zimmermann, A., Roers, A., Müller, W., Klopfleisch, R., Hengel, H., Westendorf, A.M., Buer, J., Hansen, W.
      Regulatory T cells and T-cell-derived IL-10 interfere with effective anti-cytomegalovirus immune response
      Immunol Cell Biol 92: 860-871 (2014)
    • (35) Hage, E., Huzly, D., Ganzenmueller, T., Beck, R., Schulz, T.F., Heim, A.
      A human adenovirus species B subtype 21a associated with severe pneumonia
      J Infection 69: 490-499 (2014)
    • (36) Rölle, A., Pollmann, J., Ewen, E.M., Le, V.T., Halenius, A., Hengel, H., Cerwenka, A.
      IL-12-producing monocytes and HLA-E control HCMV-driven NKG2C+ NK cell expansion
      J Clin Invest 124: 5305-5316 (2014)
    • (37) Philadelpho, N.A., Rubbenstroth, D., Guimarães, M.B., Piantino Ferreira, A.J.
      Survey of bornaviruses in pet psittacines in Brazil reveals a novel parrot bornavirus
      Vet Microbiol 174: 584-590 (2014)
    • (38) Liedmann, S., Hrincius, E.R., Guy, C., Anhlan, D., Dierkes, R., Carter, R., Wu, G., Staeheli, P., Green, D.R., Wolff, T., McCullers, J.A., Ludwig, S., Ehrhardt, C.
      Viral suppressors of the RIG-I-mediated interferon response are pre-packaged in influenza virions
      Nat Commun 5: 5645-5653 (2014)


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