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Tuesday, 16:30 - 18:00 @ZTZ

The weekly CCI conference is the central communication platform for all disciplines represented in the CCI (immunology, infectious diseases, haematology and stem cell transplantation, pathology, microbiology, virology, genetics). The genetics experts located in Ulm are linked to the CCI conference in Freiburg via videoconference. International experts can be included via videoconference as necessary. The CCI conference takes place on Tuesdays from 16:30 –18:00 where between 3 and 7 cases are dealt with each week. The purpose of the conference is to reach an interdisciplinary decision on each case. This decision is recorded in writing and is a legally-binding consensus that is then part of the patient’s file.

As part of our referral services, it is possible to register external patients for discussion in the CCI conference. One of the CCI physicians has to be contacted about this in advance and a letter of referral (Überweisungschein) is necessary to book this service.

Videoconference facilities if available can be used for this (see below for details on system requirements).

Every 8 weeks a translational CCI conference is organised to facilitate the exchange between clinical and research personnel. This usually focuses on one aspect of immunodeficiency and the conference is jointly prepared by a clinician and a scientist doing basic research. The conference is held in English and guests are welcome. The German Medical Association credits the CCI conference with 2 CME points.

System requirements videoconference

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