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Immunodeficiency: recognize - understand - treat

The Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency (CCI) of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of immunodeficiencies as well as to the research of the immune system. The special feature of the CCI is that it brings together experts from the fields of immunology, infection immunology, immunobiology, rheumatology, haematology and cell and gene therapy under one roof. From infants to the elderly, patients are treated in two specialized outpatient clinics - the pediatric and adult outpatient clinics. They suffer from congenital or acquired immunodeficiencies, frequent infections, unusual infections, unclear inflammations, autoimmune diseases or HIV diseases. Under the guiding principle "immunodeficiency: recognize - understand - treat", the CCI helps people who suffer from rare and sometimes life-threatening disorders of the immune system. It has become the most important contact point in Germany for patients with immune disorders.


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The Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency introduces itself

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Medical Director

Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Ehl

Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Toni Cathomen

Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency

at Center for Translational Cell Research
Breisacher Str. 115
79106 Freiburg

+49 (0)761 270-77550

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