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Adult Outpatient Clinic

Immunodeficiency Clinic    
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 08:00-14:00 Immunodeficiency, susceptibility to infection, fever of unknown origin

Diagnostics and Therapy of

  • primary and secondary immunodeficiency
  • infectious diseases
  • chronic and recurrent illnesses
  • mycobacterial infections
  • recurrent staphylococcus infections
  • patients without a spleen or with a nonfunctioning spleen
  • HIV

Consultation and Education

  • Education of patients on subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy
  • i.v. Immunoglobulin procedure
  • Genetic counseling for immunodeficiency
  • Vaccination advisory service for patients with immunodeficiency
  • Expert advisory service regarding stem cell therapy in cooperation with haematologists
  • Consultations, second opinion
  • Collaboration with paediatricians and specialists of all disciplines of internal medicine
  • Collaboration with psychologists and social workers
  • Further information, brochures


Susan Köhler, Prof. Dr. Klaus Warnatz, Marion Klima (nicht mehr dabei), Dr. Sigune Goldacker, Prof. Dr. Bodo Grimbacher, Monika Erler, Dr. Constanze Echternach (von links) / Dr. Nina Chevalier, Dr. Aleksandra Hirsch (fehlen)



Monika Erler/
Martina Eigenbrod-Damerau

Study Nurses
Phone: +49 (0)761 270-37500
Fax: +49 (0)761 270-77650