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MEC 2019

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Keynote Lectures and Festive Opening

Chair: Ursula Ravens (IEKM, Freiburg)

Peter Kohl (Director of Research of the University Heart Centre Freiburg-Bad Krozingen, Director of the IEKM) Welcome addresses

Donald M. Bers (UC Davis Health) Orchestrating nanodomain signals for the integrated cardiac fight-or-flight response

Thomas Eschenhagen (UKE Hamburg) Cardiac mechanics matters: models and muddles


Reception Prometheus Hall

Thursday, 5 September 2019


Remi Peyronnet (IEKM, Freiburg) Greeting

Session 1: Mechano-Sensitive Ion Channels

Chair: Remi Peyronnet (IEKM, Freiburg)

Jack Rubinstein (Cincinatti) TRP channels as regulators of cardiac hypertrophy

Marc Freichel (Heidelberg) Regulating pathological cardiac remodeling via TRPC channels and new players in endo-lysosomal Ca2+ signaling

Niels Decher (Marburg) Arrhythmogenic mutation in human TREK-1: conversion of a SAK to a hypersensitive SAC

Coffee and Posters

Frederick Sachs (SUNY Buffalo) Drug efficacy is a function of bilayer tension

Boris Martinac (Sydney) The role of Piezo1 in cardiac hypertrophy

Lunch and Posters

Session 2: Stretch Effects on other Molecular Mechanisms

Chair: Gudrun Antoons (Maastricht)

Thomas Iskratsch (London) Roles of muscle and non-muscle myosin contractions

Farah Sheikh (UCSD) Mechanical modulation of cell junctions: relevance for cardiac electrophysiology

Michele Miragoli (Parma) Mitochondrial Mechanosensor Microdomains in Cardiovascular Disorders

Tea and Posters

Gentaro Iribe (Okayama) Role of nucleotide signalling in mechano-sensitive responses of organelle and cellular mechanisms

Kenneth Campbell (Kentucky) Length-dependent activation in human material

Jia Li (Poster 09) Stretch Synchronizes Sarcomere Shortening in Cardiomyocytes: Implications for Frank-Starling Mechanism

Elaheh Zare-Eelanjegh (Poster 08) Fluid Force Microscopy for Micro-Manipulation of Single Cardiac Muscle Cells

Poster Session

Posters with refreshments, and nibbles, and more…

Friday, 6 September 2019

Session 3: Methods and Concepts for Quantifying Cardiac Mechanics

Chair: Delphine Dean (Clemson)

Michael Gotthardt (MDC, Berlin) A Visual and Biomechanical Approach to Sarcomere Dynamics

Ramona Emig (IEKM, Freiburg) Hydrogels with Light-Tunable Stiffness as a Novel Research Tool for Cardiac Mechanobiology

Ye Chen-Izu (UC Davis) Mechanical Load Effects on Cardiomyocyte Action Potential and Arrhythmogenic Activities

Coffee and Posters

Periklis Pantazis (London) GenEPi:Piezo1-Based Fluorescent Reporter for Visualizing Mechanical Stimuli with High Spatiotemporal Resolution

Leonardo Sacconi (Florence) Random Access Confocal Microscopy for Cardiac Research

Lunch and Posters

Session 4: Cell and Tissue Level MEC

Chair: Alex Quinn (Halifax)

Anastasia Khokhlova (Yekaterinburg) Transmural Differences in Single Cardiomyocyte Electro-Mechanics

Takuro Tomita (Matsumoto) Importance of TRPC3-Nox2 Coupling in Cardiac Stiffness

Diane Fatkin (Sydney) Atrial Endocardial TRPC6 Channels and Load-Dependent Endocardial/Myocardial Cross-Talk

Tea and Posters

Kate Herum (UCSD) Mechanical Regulation of Cardiac Fibroblast Phenotypes

William Louch (Oslo) Understanding Plasticity of Dyadic Structure and Function

Breanne Cameron (Poster 25) Cellular Mechanisms of Mechano-Arrhythmogenicity During Acute Ischemia

Ana Simon-Chica (Poster 06) Stretch-Activated Channels Modulate the Activity of Resident and Bone Marrow Derived Cardiac Macrophages

Meeting Photo
Optional: Guided walking tour of historic Freiburg OR IEKM tour

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Session 5: MEC & Arrhythmias: Organ Level

Chair: Andrew McCulloch (UCSD)

Eilidh MacDonald (Halifax) MEC in Zebrafish: Utility and Limitations for pacemaker studies

Callum Johnston (IEKM, Freiburg) Opto-Acoustic Imaging of 3D Cardiac Electrophysiology

Coffee and Posters

Denis Loiselle (Auckland) Frank-Starling reloaded

Jeffrey Holmes (Virginia) Mechanics, Dynamics and Therapeutic Modification of Myocardial Infarct Scar

Lunch and Posters

Session 6: MEC & Arrhythmias: Translational Aspects

Chair: Crystal Ripplinger (UC Davis) 

Paul Volders (Maastricht) Neuro-Mechanical Cross-Talk in Proarrhythmia of Drug-Induced Long-QT Syndrome

Pier Lambiase (London) Structural Remodeling and Conduction Velocity Dynamics in Human Left Atrium: Relation with Re-entrant Mechanisms Sustaining AF

Esther Pueyo (Zaragoza) The interplay of Autonomic and Mechanical Modulation of Ventricular Repolarization in Human

Tea and Posters

Closing Session

Chair: Peter Kohl (IEKM), Mark Marshall (Medtronic)

Thomas Eschenhagen (UKE Hamburg) What we've learned and what should we focus on next in terms of clinical relevance

Donald M. Bers (UC Davis Health) What we've learned and what should we focus on next in terms of mechanisms

Discussion, Participant feedback

Meeting Dinner at Peterhofkeller


Poster Awards