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Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine

2021 TOP 3 original research publication on JMCC: Nano-scale morphology of cardiomyocyte T-Tubule/sarcoplasmic reticulum junctions revealed by ultra-rapid high pressure freezing and electron tomography (01/2022)

In this recently published story by Eva Rog-Zielinska and colleagues that made it to the top-3 original research papers of 2021 on JMCC, they demonstrate thanks to recent developments in ‘near-native’ sample preparation techniques that the dyadic cleft looks different to what has been widely assumed to date, with dramatic qualitative and quantitative differences in the sarcoplasmic reticulum morphology.

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Freiburg ranked TOP3 in "Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2022" (10/2021)

The new book "Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2022" ranks Freiburg TOP3 for its "enviable quality of life", behind  Auckland (NZ) and Taipei (TWN)!

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Call for a National Cardiovascular Strategy (10/2021)

In a recently published position paper, the German Society of Cardiology - Cardiovascular Research (DGK), the German Heart Foundation (DHS) and other cardiac societies call for a national cardiovascular strategy:
As the No.1 cause of death - with an upward trend - innovative research and treatments for cardiovascular diseases must be better supported.

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Walter Benjamin Fellowship for Dr Enaam Chleilat (07/2021)

Congratulations to Dr Enaam Chleilat, who has been awarded a DFG-funded Walter Benjamin Fellowship to investigate ischaemia-reperfusion arrhythmias where Enaam and colleagues have discovered a potential novel mechanism.

The intracardiac nervous system makes the cover of the current issue of the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (JMCC, 04/2021)

In the story published online in February 2021, Luis Hortells and his colleagues from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital show the different developmental origins of the intracardiac nervous system cell populations. Additionally, they describe a subpopulation of periostin-expressing Schwann cells and endonurial cardiac fibroblasts that is required for normal sympathetic cardiac innervation and heart rhythm control.

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Now also published in print: Cover story gives novel insight into cardiac T-tubule homeostasis (Circulation Research 01/2021)

In the recently published cover story, Eva Rog-Zielinska and colleagues showed, that cardiac T-tubules cyclically deform during each heartbeat, leading to ‘pumping’ of content, and providing a novel insight into T-tubule homeostasis in health and disease.

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