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The ITG assumes responsibility for medical and scientific training in the programs/courses

You want to do a PhD, MD or master thesis in our institute? - Send us an email!

Application deadlines are:

PhD Students anytime participation in CCI PhD program
MD Students 15.2. start of experimental thesis in October, duration: at least 2 semesters
MSc.Students Biology 15.7.  
MSc.Students IMBS 15.12. attendance of elective course  "Cell and Gene Therapy" is mandatory

Elective Courses of ITG

Facultative courses of ITG

  • Current Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Advances in Gene Therapy
  • Molekulare Grundlagen der klinischen Immundefizienz - Bedeutung für die Praxis
  • Die Bedeutung des HLA-Systems in der klinischen Medizin
  • Einführung in die Transfusionsmedizin und transfusionsbezogene Immunhämatologie
  • Aktuelle Aspekte der Transfusionsmedizin anhand von Fallbeispielen
  • Qualitätssicherung und Arzneimittelgesetz


Teaching Responsibles:         

  • Prof. Dr. Toni Cathomen (Cell and Gene Therapy)
  • Prof. Dr. Richard Schäfer (Transfusion Medicine)    

Coordination Teaching:          

Teaching Transfusion Medicine

Prof. Dr. Richard Schäfer
Teaching Responsible

Dr. Florian Emmerich
Coordination Teaching

Teaching Cell and Gene Therapy

Prof. Dr. Toni Cathomen
Teaching Responsible

Dr. Anika Schmith
Coordination Teaching