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PhD Program

The aim of the integrated PhD Program of the Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency (CCI) is to provide a structural framework that supports the scientific education and the conduction of a PhD thesis of doctoral students within the CCI and the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1160. Further, it aims to motivate the PhD candidates to pursue an academic career by accompanying them beyond the PhD thesis into their career entry.

This PhD Program fosters a broad scientific education of the PhD candidates and interactions between PhD candidates and senior scientists. With its research focus on immunodeficiency, clinical immunology and the width of research topics spanning from molecular biology over genome-wide profiling and drug discovery to the clinic, a unique structure with high levels of synergy has been established. The PhD Program encompasses an organized structure including regular thesis committee meetings, a lecture/seminar program in infection and immunity, as well as trainings in immunology, immunodeficiency, molecular biology, therapeutic approaches and many other areas of research.

It provides individual mentoring and soft skill courses, supports lab rotations within the CRC 1160 and offers scholarships for PhD students.

PhD Retreats

Coordination Office
Prof. Dr. Stephan Ehl (Head)
Prof. Dr. Philipp Henneke (Head)
Dr. Heike Ufheil (Coordinator)


Dr. Heike Ufheil

Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency
at Center for Translational Cell Research

Breisacher Str. 115
79106 Freiburg

+49 (0)761 270-71020