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Section of Neuroelectronic SystemsDepartment of Neurosurgery

Cortical Connector

Acute Multisite Probes - Silicon

In order to get the highest number of recording sites per displaced brain tissue, silicon fork like probes have been manufactured in a European Union funded project (VSAMUEL by ACREO, Sweden). Silicon arrays are available with 32 or 64 sites and 1 to 8 shafts respectively.

VSAMUEL probes are particularly well suited to record synchronously from a large number of sites with only one implantation.

Detail of the 64 site probe

Detail of the 64 site probe

Silicon probe during implantation in rat cortex

Silicon probe during implantation in rat cortex

Chronic Multisite Probes - Flexible Polyimide

In cooperation with the IMTEK and other places, we developed flexible Polyimide based multisite microprobes, which we could show to support better integration in brain tissue than known rigid probes.

Polyimide probe dangling connected to a cell phone plug.

Micrograph of the frontend of a flex probe.

Immunohistological stain of flex probe location after 24 weeks in brain.

Section of Neuroelectronic Systems

Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Ulrich G. Hofmann
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