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Eisenhardt Lab

Our research focuses on answering the most clinically relevant questions that are moving the field of plastic surgery to date.

We try to identify and therapeutically target inflammatory processes that are compromising the success of reconstructive microsurgery and to increase patient safety. In particularly in reconstructive microsurgery that uses tissue transfers and replantations that make vascular sutures of vessels with less than 1 mm in diameter necessary the postoperative inflammation can jeopardize the success of the surgery. We have developed novel strategies to prevent this response without major side effects and are testing these strategies for future clinical use.

In the light of the recent developments in the field of vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) that uses hand and face transplantations for reconstructive surgery our research is needed to reduce the risk of chronic allograft rejection and side effects of immunosuppressive therapy. Our work that is investigating the role of the innate immunesystem in acute and chronic allograft rejection is of high relevance and the identification of novel therapeutic strategies truly translational.

Another focus of our lab is on the identification of strategies to detect and treat soft tissue sarcoma. Soft tissue sarcomas are a rare and difficult to treat tumor entity. Tumor resection and reconstruction of the resulting defect are part of the daily work of a Plastic Surgeon. Soft tissue sarcomas are difficult to diagnose and potential recurrence is not always easy to detect, despite the use of sophisticated imaging strategies. So called “liquid biopsies” will allow for detection of sarcoma recurrence without the need of diagnostic biopsies and potentially make diagnostic CT scans unnecessary and will therefore decrease exposure to radiation for the patient. We have identified several candidate markers that are currently being tested to allow for a widespread clinical use in the future.

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Professor Dr. Steffen Eisenhardt  


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