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Prof. (Italien) Dr. Chiara Baglioni

Current Position

Since May 2015Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education Science of the University Guglielmo Marconi – Telematic - of Rome (Italy);
Since April 2009Postdoctoral fellow (since 2017 with a temporary position for Principal Investigators of the German Research Society (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)) at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Medical Faculty, University of Freiburg (Germany).


2013Post-graduate specialization school for Cognitive Psychotherapy (SPC) and final exam (30/30).
2008PhD in “Cognitive Psychology, Psychophysiology and Personality” at the Department of Psychology of the “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy). Title of the thesis: The role of emotional arousal in insomnia. Tutor: Prof. Caterina Lombardo; Co-tutor: Prof. Vilfredo De Pascalis; External tutor: Prof. Colin A. Espie. Evaluation commission: Prof. Oliviero Bruni, Prof. Alice Mado Proverbio, Prof. Sebastiano Bagnara.
2004 Graduation in Psychology, 110/110 cum laude, at the Faculty of Psychology of the “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy). Course of studies in Clinical Psychology. Title of the thesis: Representation of insomnia: role and characteristics of the symptoms. Tutor: Prof. Caterina Lombardo; Co-tutor: Prof. Maria Casagrande.

Habilitations And Qualifications

2014Habilitation to the profession of Professor (II FASCIA) in Clinical Psychology. Abilitazione Nazionale Scientifica alle funzioni di Professore di seconda fascia nel settore concorsuale 11/E4 Psicologia Clinica e Dinamica.
2013Qualification to the profession of Psychotherapist following the completion of the 4-years Post-graduate specialization school for Cognitive Psychotherapy (SPC), Rome (Italy). Currently completing the procedure for the recognition of the title in Germany.
2005Qualification to the profession of Psychologist and inscription to the professional register of the Ordine degli Psicologi del Lazio (Italy), n. 16670.

Main Research Interests

  • Sleep, depression and psychopathology.
  • Insomnia: Aetiology, Personality aspects, Psychophysiology, Neurobiology, comorbidity with other mental disorders.
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment for Insomnia.
  • Emotions, affective states and emotion regulation.
  • Sleep of parents and children.
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses on sleep psychopathology and psychological treatment for insomnia.

Articles published in peer-reviewed journals in the last three years (2016-2019)

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