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Characterization of bat influenza viruses

In 2012 the complete sequence of an influenza virus was discovered in the fruit bat Sturnira lilium (little yellow-shouldered bat) from Central America. One year later, the sequence of a second bat influenza virus was identified in the flat-faced fruit bat (Artibeus planirostris) from Peru, suggesting a broader distribution and diversity of bat influenza viruses at least in Central and South America. However, no viable viruses could be isolated from these animals. Analysis of the viral surface proteins revealed that the entry machinery of these viruses differs significantly from all other known influenza A viruses. Using reverse genetic technologies, we could recently generate authentic bat influenza viruses. The reconstruction of bat influenza virus provides now the unique possibility to perform future risk assessment.

Sturnira lilium (little-yellow shouldered bat). Photograph kindly provided by Diane da Cruz Miranda.




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