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FiPS services

The iPS Core offers:

Generation of iPS cells and epigenetic reprogramming:

  • reprogramming using non-integrating technologies ( RNA amplicons or Sendai vector)
  • phenotypic characterization of pluripotent stem cells
  • maintenance of pluripotency & expansion of human iPS cell lines
  • advanced flow cytometric profiling of pluripotency and lineage differentiation

Generation of iPS derivatives via established protocols:

  • differentiation towards hematopoietic progenitors, myeloid and lymphoid lineage
  • differentiation towards CNS type neurons
  • differentiation towards neural crest derivatives
  • mesenchymal differentiation, adipocytes, osteogenesis

Assistance and training:

  • training of investigators in methods to maintain and differentiate pluripotent stem cells
  • assisting and consulting investigators in developing additional differentiation protocols


User Guideline

FiPS Head/Contact

PD Dr. Richard Schäfer
Tel.: 0761 270 34858


Host Institutions

Institute for Transfusion Medicine
and Gene Therapy

Prof. Dr. Toni Cathomen

Institute for Anatomy & Cell Biology,
Dept. of Molecular Embryology

Prof. Dr. Tanja Vogel



Breisacher Str. 115
79106 Freiburg i. Br.