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Department of Radiology - Medical Physics

Our group is active in research and development of new techniques in the field of in-vivo Magnetic Resonance. The close collaboration afforded by the direct interaction of the basic scientists working in our group with clinical partners from the University Hospital enables us to perform our developments with a direct feedback from the clinicians and clinical scientists. The range of our activities reaches from basic science in MR methodology and related fields to application developments, in which the basic techniques are optimized and tested for given applications, to the final development of clinical protocols for routine MR examinations.

Our aim is to do science which (at least potentially) is useful and can be used by others. Basic research in the fundamentals of our field is in this context not a contradiction, but a necessary prerequisite for the development of practical applications. Our aim to pursue projects, which can be used by others, has led to many fruitful collaborations with Institutes all over the world.

Jürgen Hennig


Michael Bock


Dr. Dominik v. Elverfeldt


Dr. Martin Büchert


Dr. Jochen Leupold


Maxim Zaitsev


Valerij Kiselev


Ute Ludwig


Wilfried Reichardt


Tracey Webb-Kolbinger


Michael Klingenberg


Elmar Fischer


Thomas Lange


Elias Kellner


Sebastien Bär


Marco Reisert


Sebastian Littin


Matthias Pfefferle


Niels Schwaderlapp


Feng Jia


Huijun Yu


Andreas Schmidt


Simon Reiß


Ali Caglar Özen


Christoph Müller


Michaela Schäper


Philip Rovedo


Michael Dacko


Wenchao Yang


Dengfeng Huang


Patrick Hucker


Niklas Wehkamp


Andreas Reichert


Shuoyue Zhang


Lars Bielak


Johannes Fischer


Agazi Tesfai


Xiang Gao


Thomas Lottner


Shi Jia Teo


Philipp Amrein


Antonia Barghoorn


Serhat Ilbey


Tabea Gewalt


Tim Strohbach


Deepa Darshini Gunashekar


Henri de Maissin


Vladislav Ivantaev


Kevin Wäscher


Samantha Hickey


Nikolaos Molochidis


Martin Pichotka


Jonas Wirschun


Thomas Billoud


Anna Stölting


Moritz Braig


Timo Rachel


Noah Schäfer


Manvitha Sreereddy

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Hennig

Scientific Director
Tel. +49 761 270-38360
Fax +49 761 270-38310

University Medical Center Freiburg
Dept. of Radiology · Medical Physics
Killianstrasse 5a       
79106 Freiburg, Germany

Laurence Haller
Assistant to the Scientific Director
Tel. +49 761 270-38350

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