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Experimental Radiology

In the section Experimental Radiology, we are developing novel MR imaging technologies for various applications within radiology. In particular, rapid MR imaging methods are investi­gated which are then combined with dedicated devices to perform inter­ven­tional procedures within the MR environment. High field MRI techniques are developed using dedicated Tx/Rx coils to quantify tissue oxygenation. Alternative MR imaging concepts are explored, for ex­ample, to utilize artificial intelligence in oncologic MRI or to investigate the vocal fold dynamics during singing.

A. Interventional MRI

  1. Active catheter tracking
  2. Safety of active devices
  3. Imaging of passive iron-oxide markers
  4. Device tracking with automatic detection of imaging markers

B. Functional High-field MRI

  1. Cerebral metabolic rate (CMR) O2 measurements with 17O MRI
  2. Renal oxygenation mapping with 17O MRI
  3. Imaging protocols for functional studies in oncology
  4. Dynamic imaging of the vocal fold oscillation

C. Advanced Imaging Concepts

  1. Concurrent Excitation and Acquisition (CEA)
  2. MRI of Ancient Remains
  3. Artificial Intelligence Tools for MRI in Oncology


Ali C. Özen, Thomas Lottner, Johannes Fischer & Michael Bock: Engineering Challenge Award 2021 (1st Prize) from the MR Engineering Study Group Committee for their work on Gradient powered UV-C LED Modules


Andreas Reichert: Young Investigators Award (1st Prize), European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and BiologyOctober 2019, Rotterdam, for his work on Radial Simultaneous Multi Slice Imaging for Passive Marker Needle Guide Tracking


Dmitry Kurhunov's Oxygen-17 Paper is ISMRM Highlight of the Month

Kurzhunov D, Borowiak R, Hass H, Wagner P, Krafft AJ, Timmer J, Bock M. Quantification of oxygen metabolic rates in Human brain with dynamic (17) O MRI: Profile likelihood analysis. Magn Reson Med. 2017;78(3):1157-1167. http://doi.org/10.1002/mrm.26476

was selected by the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) as the ISMRM Highlight of the Month in September 2017.

Here is some more background information:

In addition, Dmitry Kurzhunov describes the content of the paper in a YouTube presentation:


Prof. Dr. Michael Bock is named Associate Editor of Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics, Oct. 2016 – Sept. 2019

Maddalena Strumia: Second Prize Winner, Young Investigator Award from the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Radiology (ESMRMB) in Vienna

Dmitry Kurzhunov: ISMRM Merit Award magna cum laude, Singapore

Young Investigator Awards

Ali Caglar Özen receives Second Prize of the Young Investigator Award from the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Radiology (ESMRMB) in Edinburgh, Oct. 2015.

Inge Kalis receives the Young Investigator Award 2015 from the German Society for Medical Physics (DGMP) in Marburg, Sept. 2015.

March 2012

Mumie im Magnetfeld  
News article in UniLeben, the newspaper from the Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Michael Bock

Group Leader

Oksana Chikh

Administrative Assistant

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Dr. Ute Ludwig


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Timo Abels
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Tamara Zäh

Prof. Dr. Michael Bock
Director of Experimental Radiology

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