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Department of Radiology - Medical Physics

Seminar on Biomedical Magnetic Resonance

Thursdays 4:00 p.m. s.t.

Due to the current situation, the seminars will be held online.

Seminar Schedule Winter Term 2020/21

12.11.2020 Perspectives on AI-powered brain microstructure imaging 
Marco Palombo
CMIC and Dept. Computer Science, UCL, London
19.11.2020 On the quantification of axon diameter distributions using diffusion MRI
Vesa Kiviniemi 
Oulu Functional Neuroimaging, University of Oulu, Finland
26.11.2020 Separating compartmental T2-orientational dependence in the living human brain
Chantal Tax
CUBRIC, Cardiff University, UK and Image Sciences Institute and UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands
03.12.2020 MRI artifacts of vein stents
Simon Reiß
Medical Physics
10.12.2020 On the quantification of axon diameter distributions using diffusion MRI 
Jelle Veraart 
Department of Radiology, NYU School of Medicine, NY, USA
17.12.2020 Clinical implementation of hyperpolarised MRI: a London experience
Vasia Papoutsaki 
Centre for Medical Imaging, University College of London
14.01.2021 Novel radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and targeted therapy 
Matthias Eder
Klinik für Nuklearmedizin, Freiburg
21.01.2021 Deep Learning in medical imaging: What we need to understand and what we can learn from it 
Daniel Güllmar 
Medical Physics Group, IDIR, Jena University Hospital,
28.01.2021 Opportunities and pitfalls of fast fMRI 
Jingyuan Chen
Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH, Boston
04.02.2021 BOLD or non-BOLD and how likely?
Wenchao Yang
Medical Physics
11.02.2021 Multimodal imaging in animal models of infection
Uwe Himmelreich
KU Leuven, Belgium





























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