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Tumorzentrum Freiburg - CCCF

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Clinical Comunication Platform (CCP)

Infrastructure Freiburg

CCP Freiburg

CCP Freiburg is headed by Prof. Martin Werner, director of the Institute of Clinical Pathology Freiburg and Prof. Dr. Dr. Melanie Börries, director of the Institute of Medical Bioinformatics und Systems Medicine and head of Clinical Cancer Registry CCCF. The CCP Steering Board provides clinical expertise. Local coordination and communication within the site structures is supported by Project management that acts as central administrative part and first point of contact of CCP Freiburg. It also serves as reception for research requests via CCP and keeps a close connection to the central CCP-Office in Frankfurt am Main.

The additional aim of CCP Freiburg is to foster the collaboration and communication between different local groups and to support working groups if coordination is needed.


The CCP comprises the working groups CCP Bio (bank), CCP Doku (mentation), CCP IT and CCP Trials. Furthermore, there are entity-specific task forces focusing on harmonization of entity-specific data sets that are relevant for research. The CCP-Office in Frankfurt am Main is responsible for the central coordination of the CCP network.

DKTK Clinical Trials Register

The DKTK Clinical Trials Register enables patients and attending physicians to obtain an overview of the oncological trials currently accepting patients at the DKTK locations. The focus of the register is on treatment trials testing new active pharmaceutical ingredients or new surgical or radiotherapy methods (phase I and II) and on investigator-initiated trials (all phases) led by the own location or another DKTK site. Data is updated on a quarterly base.

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Projektmanagement CCP Freiburg

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Tumorzentrum Freiburg - CCCF
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