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Dr. rer. nat. cand. Marbely del Carmen Calderón-Fernández

Doctoral researcher (Optogenetics, Bioinstrumentation)

Research Interests:

  • Optogenetic tools for studying the functional relevance of heterocellular electrotonic coupling between cardiomyocytes and non-myocytes in healthy myocardium and post-ischemic cardiac scars
  • Super-resolution structural analysis and distribution of various non-myocyte populations in cardiac tissue in situ

Brief CV:

Marbely Calderón-Fernández received her Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Andes in Merida, Venezuela, before moving to Caracas for her Master’s degree in Physiology and Biophysics at the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). In her Master thesis, she focused on studying the pharmacological effect of scorpion toxins on the excitation-contraction coupling mechanism of cardiomyocytes. In August 2017 she joined the Optogenetics and Bioinstrumentation groups at IEKM as a doctoral researcher.