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Research group Angenendt

Acute Traumatization (Acute and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

Research group leader:

Dr. Jörg Angenendt (PhD)
Phone: +49 (0)761 270 - 69140
Email: joerg.angenendt@uniklinik-freiburg.de

Group members:Anne Riering (PhD)
Dr. Ute Nowotny-Behrens (MD)
Dr. Heidemarie Hecht

Research focus

Clinical and research interests are focussed on acute traumatization, early identification of symptomatic reactions, and early interventions for typ-I Traumata, especially work-related and traffic accidents. Aim is to improve the dissemination and evaluation of early-intervention strategies in medical and mental health settings to prevent chronification of mental health sequalae of trauma.

Research projects

Recently completed:

  1. The Freiburg Study on work-related accidents (FAUST-II)
    Screening-based early   identification of mental health problems after severe work-related injuries


  1. Based on the above decribed results of FAUST-II a systematic evaluation of process and outcome data is planned after a clear redefinition of responsibilities for the initiation of diagnostic and therapeutic steps that have to be accomplished. As in FAUST-II data of the diagnostic- therapeutic processes in hospitals, in the worker`s liability services, and in outpatient psychotherapies will be analysed for risk- and high-risk patients. A multi-professionell working group is already developing an implementation and evaluation concept for this stepped-care model.
    Cooperation with

    - Prof. Dr. N.Südkamp (MD) and B. Röhrig (Res. Psychologist), Department for orthopedia and   traumatology, University Clinic of Freiburg
    - PD Dr. U. Frommberger (MD) Mediclin Klinik, An der Lindenhöhe Bertha-von-Suttner-Str. 1, 77654  Offenburg

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Angenendt J, Röhrich B, Riering A, Nowotny-Behrens U, Hecht H, Berger M (2010). Die Freiburger Arbeitsunfallstudien I und II (FAUST-I und –II). Zeitschrift für Psychotraumatologie Psychotherapiewissenschaft Psychologische Medizin 3:49-63
  • Angenendt J, Röhrich B, Riering A, Südkamp N, Berger M, Beirau M, Wich M, Ekkernkamp A (2011) Freiburger Arbeitsunfallstudie II (FAUST-II) Früherkennung, Diagnostik und Prävention psychischer Gesundheitsstörungen nach schweren Arbeitsunfällen: Auswirkungen auf die Rehabilitation. Trauma Berufskh.13:56-64
  • Angenendt J, Riering A, Röhrich B , Südkamp N, Berger M (2012). Freiburger Arbeitsunfallstudie II (FAUST-II) Screeninggestützte Früherkennung psychischer Gesundheitsstörungen nach schweren Arbeitsunfällen. Trauma Berufskrankh. 14 (Suppl.3):299-306.


  • FAUST-I and FAUST-II: Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV)