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Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

Research group Spiegelhalder

Pathophysiology of Insomnia
Research group leader:PD Dr. Dr. Kai Spiegelhalder
Phone: +49 (0)761 270 - 65890
Email: kai.spiegelhalder@uniklinik-freiburg.de
Group members:

Wolfram Regen (M.D.), physician
Anna Johann (M.Sc.), psychologist
Florian Holub (M.Sc. student)
Veronika Fritschi (M.D. student)

Research focus

We are intrigued to understand what prevents people from getting restorative sleep and how this relates to the neurobiology of the brain. More specifically, our goal is to advance understanding of the neurobiology of insomnia and to translate this information into new and effective treatment strategies.

Research projects


  1. The impact of cognitive-behavioural therapy for insomnia on cardiovascular risk factors - a randomised controlled study (October 2014 - September 2016)
    Cooperationpartner: Dieter Riemann and Jürgen Biermann
  2. The neurobiology of psychotherapy – an fMRI-hyperscanning study (July 2015 - June 2017)
    Cooperationpartner: Prof. Dr. Horst Urbach, Prof. Dr. Irina Mader

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Regen W, Kyle SD, Nissen C, Feige B, Baglioni C, Hennig J, Riemann D, Spiegelhalder K (in press). Objective sleep disturbances are associated with greater waking resting-state connectivity between the retrosplenial cortex/ hippocampus and various nodes of the default mode network. J Psychiatry Neurosci.
  • Morin CM, Drake C, Harvey AG, Krystal AD, Manber R, Riemann D, Spiegelhalder K (2015). Insomnia Disorder. Nature Reviews Disease Primers, 1, 15026.
  • Riemann D, Nissen C, Palagini L, Otte A, Perlis ML, Spiegelhalder K (2015). The neurobiology, investigation, and treatment of chronic insomnia. Lancet Neurology, 14, 547-558.
  • Spiegelhalder K*, Regen W*, Prem M*, Baglioni C, Nissen C, Feige B, Schnell S, Kiselev VG, Hennig J, Riemann D (2014). Reduced anterior internal capsule white matter integrity in primary insomnia. Human Brain Mapping, 35, 3431-3438. (*=contributed equally)
  • Spiegelhalder K*, Regen W*, Baglioni C, Klöppel S, Abdulkadir A, Hennig J, Nissen C, Riemann D, Feige B (2013). Insomnia does not appear to be associated with substantial structural brain changes. Sleep, 36, 731-737. (* = contributed equally)

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  • FRIAS, Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung, Walter und Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose-Stiftung, ESRS, Deutsche Stiftung für Herzforschung, MWK Baden-Württemberg

Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

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