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Department of Radiology - Medical Physics

MR Technologies

Vocal Tract Imaging

The aim of this project is to acquire images of the vocal tract of performing singers inside the MRI. There are still many open research questions in singing, concerning register changes, the number of registers and general acoustic resonance properties of the vocal tract. 

We have ongoing projects to measure singers with real-time sequences in high field MR systems. Additionally we do research on position-related changes of the vocal tract with weight-bearing imaging.

The main challenge in this area of research is to accelerate the imaging process. The acquisition can be improved by using non-cartesian trajectories, such as radial or spiral sampling. The acquired data is then processed by using regularized iterative reconstruction methods.

Mid-sagittal view of the human head

This research project is done in cooperation with the Department of Musicians' Medicine and IMTEK Freiburg.

  • Department of Musicians' Medicine (Link)
  • IMTEK Freiburg (Link)
  • Movie of a singer in the MR system (Link)



Dipl.-Ing. Michael Burdumy
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