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The analysis and postprocessing of biomedical MRI imaging Data data covers a lot of aspects. Our group applies modern techniques inspired from pattern recognition, computer vision and applied mathematics to problems in MRI. With a focus on diffusion weighted MRI, algorithms are developed that ease the interpretation and handling of medical imagery. Restoration of the images for acquisition artifacts such as intensity distortion, geometric distortion, and Gibbs ringing are also topics.


Associated Members

Clinical Partners

  • Horst Urbach, Neuroradiology
  • Volker Coenen, Stereotaxy
  • Cornelius Weiller, Neurology
  • Alexander Rau, Neuroradiology
  • Jonas Hosp, Neurology
  • Jakob Weiß, Radiology
  • Bastian Sajonz, Stereotaxy

Former Members

  • Stathis Hadjidemetriou, Postdoc
  • David Pilutti, PhD student
  • Maddalena Strumia, PhD student
  • Shi Jia Teo, PhD student

Dr. Marco Reisert
Group Leader

Tel.: +49 761 270-93860
E-Mail: marco.reisert@uniklinik-freiburg.de

University Medical Center Freiburg
Dept. of Radiology · Medical Physics
Killianstr. 5a
79106 Freiburg