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Prof. Dr. rer. soc. Dipl.-Psych. Dieter Riemann

Academic training

Habilitation:1992 - Habilitation for Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Clinical Medicine in Mannheim of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
Dissertation:1988 - PhD in Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Konstanz
University education:1979 -1985 - Faculty of Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich; Diplom (equivalent to MA) in 1985


since 01.2017Editor in Chief: Journal of Sleep Resesarch
since 10.2015Visiting Professor, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Oxford University
since 10.2013Department Head (Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology) at the Centre for Mental Disorders, Medical Faculty, University of Freiburg
since 10.2013Chief of the Centre for Sleep Medicine of Freiburg University Medical Centre
01.2006 - 12.2008Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, Medical SchoolNY.
03.2000 – 10.2013Head of the Section for Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology/ Sleep Med-icine at the Psychiatric Department of Freiburg University Medical Centre; Member of the Executive Board of the Department of Psychiatry and Psycho-therapy
since 01.2000Member of the Executive Board of the Freiburg Behavior Therapy Institute (FAVT)
since 1995Adjunct member Faculty of Psychology, University of Freiburg
1993 - 1995Temporary director of the Department of Medical Psychology, University of Freiburg
since 07.1993C-3 Professor (Full Professor - Tenure) for Clinical Psychophysiology at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of Freiburg University Medical Center; Member of the Medical Faculty
10.1986 - 06.1993PhD candidate/ Post-Doc in the Psychiatric Clinic of the Central Institute ofMental Health in Mannheim
09.1985 - 09.1986PhD candidate at the Max-Planck-Institute for Psychiatry in Munich
10.1979 - 07.1985Student researcher at the Max-Planck-Institute for Psychiatry in Munich
12.1977 - 03.1979Civil service as assistant nurse (Schwabing General Hospital, Munich)

Additional qualifications

04.2015Certification as “principal study investigator” according to ICH-GCP
09.2012European Somnologist (ESRS)
12.2009Certification as “study doctor” according to ICH-GCP
09.2004Supervisor for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (FAVT)
08.1999Certified behavioral therapist
01.1999Approbation as psychological psychotherapist (Governmental Presidency Stuttgart)
11.1997Certified somnologist (DGSM)

Scientific awards/Invited & keynote lectures (Selection)

02.05.2017Sleep, insomnia and mental disorders. Invited lecture, Dept. of Psychiatry, UPenn Philadelphia.
30.04.2017Insomnia – a transdiagnostic approach. Keynote lecture, Canadian Sleep SocietyConference, Calgary.
07.05.2016Schlaf, Schlaflosigkeit und psychische Erkrankungen. Keynote Lecture, 34. Symposium der Fachgruppe Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie der DGPs, Bielefeld
25.11.2015Insomnie, Schlaflosigkeit und psychische Erkrankungen. DGPPN Kongress, Berlin.
19.11.2015Chronic insomnia and hyperarousal - relevance for mental disorders. Le Congres du Sommeil, Nantes.
01.07.2015Physiology and pathophysiology of insomnia. 3rd. Alpine sleep summer school, Lugano.
25.06.2014Evidence-based treatment of sleep disorders. Oxford sleep summer school, Oxford.
21.05.2013Mood disorders and insomnia. Berkeley University, San Francisco.
16.05.2013Chronic insomnia and hyperarousal. Stanford University, Palo Alto.
04.05.2013Chronic insomnia and hyperarousal - state of the art. Scandinavian College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Kopenhagen.
26.06.2012Insomnia as a biomarker of depression. INSERM Symposium on Sleep and Psychiatry, Paris.
22.06.2012REM sleep instability - a new pathway for insomnia? 3rd Joint Sino-German Symposium of Sleep Research, Berlin.
23.11.2011Insomnia - bi-directional relationships with mental health. Meeting of the Royal Society of Medicine, London.
04.10.2011Hyperarousal in chronic insomnia - evidence and challenges. AIMS Kongress, Pavia.
30.08.2011Chronic insomnia and the hyperarousal concept. University of Pisa.
05.10.2010Schlafstörungen als Risikofaktor für psychische Erkrankungen. 10. DGPPN Hauptstadtsymposium "Die schlaflose Gesellschaft - Kritische Betrachtung einer Hypothese", Berlin.
30.10.2010The hyperarousal concept of insomnia - challenges for the future. German Chinese Science Foundation, ChengDu.
15.09.2010What is the European insomnia network, what are its aims within the ESRS/EU. 20th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society, Lissabon.
07.04.2010Chronic insomnia and hyperarousal - state of the art and future perspectives. Universita La Sapienza, Rome.
26.02.2009Neuroimaging findings in chronic insomnia. Department of Psychiatry, University of Philadelphia.
23.11.2006State of the Art - Schlafstörungen. DGPPN Kongress, Berlin.
05.03.2002Polysomnographic investigations during acute and subacute withdrawal from alcohol in alcohol dependent patients. Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester.
09.09.1997Sleep deprivation in combination with consecutive sleep phase advance as a fast acting therapeutic strategy in depression. 2nd International Conference on New Directions in Affective Disorders, Jerusalem.
March 1993Travel Award of the SRS to attend the WFSRS-Meeting in Maui/Hawai.
12.05.1991The phenomenology of sleep in depression. 46th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, New Orleans.
Sept. 1988Organon-Award of the German Society for Biological Psychiatry.
27.03.1987REM sleep disinhibition in depression: State- or trait-marker? International Symposium "Sleep in medical and neuropsychiatric disorders", Milano.

Memberships in scientific societies

since 2006German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN)
since 2005WASM (World Association of Sleep Medicine)
since 1997German Society for Psychology
since 1991WFSRS (World Federation of Sleep Research Societies) now: World Sleep Society
since 1989SRS (American Sleep Research Society)
since 1988German Sleep Society (DGSM = GSS), ESRS (European Sleep Research Society)

Activities as executive in scientific societies

since 2016Task force leader European Insomnia Guidelines (ESRS)
since 2013Member Advisory Board SCNi (Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, Oxford University)
2013 - 2017Head of steering committee Guideline Insomnia Update of the GSS
2013International society reviewer of the ICSD-3
2010 - 2015Head of the section Sleep Medicine of the German Society for Psychiatry (DGPPN)
2009Founder of the European Insomnia Network (EIN)
2008 - 2016Treasurer of the European Sleep Research Society
2007 - 2009Member of the Steering Committee of the S3 guidelines of the GSS for sleep disorders
2006 - 2013Member of a DSM-5 work group of the American Psychiatric Association (section on sleep disorders)
2004 - 2008Member of the Scientific Committee of the ESRS
2004 - 2005Member of the work group Insomnia of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for "The International Classification of Sleep Disorders "ICSD" - second edition"
2001 - 2002Member of the Steering Committee of the guidelines Non-Restorative Sleep of the GSS
2000 - 2006Member of the executive board of the GSS
1993 - 2006Head of the work group “Insomnia” of the GSS

Memberships in editoral boards (scientific journals)

Somnology, Info Neurologie Psychiatrie, Verhaltenstherapie, Pharmacopsychiatry (Editor: 2010 - 2015), Sleep (Deputy Editor: 2010 – 2016), Journal of Sleep Research.

Ad-hoc reviewer for more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific journals

Including Nature Neuroscience Rev., Arch. Gen. Psychiatry, Am J. Psychiatry, Lancet, Lancet Neurology, Lancet Psychiatry, Psychological Bulletin, etc.

Referee for funding agencies

Academy of Finland; BMBF; DAAD; DFG; Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders/Belgium; Österreichische Nationalbank; Schweizer Nationalfond; Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; Sino-Swiss Science and Research Cooperation; German-Israel Science Foundation; Health and Medical Research Fund - Hongkong Government; Wellcome Trust; Universite de Lyon - Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne program; University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Swiss National Science Foundation; Goldsmith University of London; Uni-versity of California San Diego, Medical Faculty; Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW, the Dutch research council); EU-Horizon 2020.UKL Münster - Innovationsfonds; MRC-UK

Publications & presentations

More than 300 publications as first- , co-, or senior author in peer-reviewed journals; more than 200 other articles, book chapters; author and editor of more than 10 books; more than 600 presentations at national and international conferences. Hirsch-Index (Googlescholar) = 58 (ISI: 44).

Selected publications

  • Kuhn M, Wolf E, Maier JG, Mainberger F, Feige B, Schmid H, Bürklin J, Maywald S, Mall V, Jung NH, Reis J, Spiegelhalder K, Klöppel S, Sterr A, Riemann D, Normann C, Nissen C.: Sleep recalibrates homeostatic and associative synaptic plasticity in the human cortex. Nature Communications 2016. Aug 23;7:12455. doi: 10.1038/ncomms12455
  • Baglioni C, Nanovska S, Regen W, Spiegelhalder K, Feige B, Nissen C, Reynolds CF, Riemann D: Sleep and mental disorders: a meta-analysis of the last 20 years of polysomnographic research. Psychological Bulletin, 2016, 142. 969-990./ DOI:10.1037/bul000053.
  • Morin C, Drake C, Harvey A, Krystal AD, Manber R, Riemann D, Spiegelhalder K: Insomnia. Nature Reviews Disease Primers. 2015 epub first doi:10.1038/nrdp.2015.26
  • Riemann D, Nissen C, Palagini L, Otte A, Perlis M, Spiegelhalder K.: Neurobiology of chronic insomnia. Lancet Neurology, 2015, 14, 547-558.
  • Riemann D, Spiegelhalder K: Orexin receptor antagonists for insomnia – a new treatment option? Lancet Neurology (invited commentary), 2014, 13, 441-443.
  • Riemann, D, Spiegelhalder, K, Nissen, C, Hirscher, V., Baglioni, C, Feige, B. REM sleep instability – a new pathway for insomnia? Pharmacopsychiatry, 2012, 45, 167 – 176.
  • Baglioni C, Battagliese G, Feige B, Spiegelhalder K, Nissen C, Voderholzer U, Lombardo C, Riemann D (2011). Insomnia as a predictor of depression: a meta-analytic evaluation of longitudinal epidemiologi-cal studies. Journal of Affective Disorders, 2011, 135, 10-19.
  • Riemann D, Spiegelhalder K, Feige B, Voderholzer U, Berger M, Perlis M, Nissen C.: The hyperarousal model of insomnia: a review of the concept and its evidence. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 2010, 14, 19-31.
  • Riemann, D., Voderholzer, U., Spiegelhalder, K., Hornyak, M., Buysse, D.J., Nissen, C., Hennig, J., Perlis, M., Tebartz van Elst, L., Feige, B.: Chronic insomnia and MRI-measured hippocampal volumes: A pilot study. Sleep, 2007, 30, 955-958.
  • Voderholzer, U., Hohagen, F., Klein, T., Jungnickel, J., Kirschbaum, C., Berger, M., Riemann, D.: Impact of sleep deprivation and subsequent recovery sleep on cortisol in unmedicated depressed patients. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2004, 161, 1404-1410.
  • Berger, M., Vollmann, J., Hohagen, F., König, A., Lohner, H., Voderholzer, U., Riemann, D : Sleep depri-vation combined with consecutive sleep-phase advance as a fast-acting therapy in depression: An open pilot trial in medicated and unmedicated patients. American Journal of Psychiatry, 1997, 154, 870-872.
  • Riemann, D., Lis, S., Fritsch-Montero, R., Krieger, S., Meier, S., Hohagen, F., Berger, M.: The effect of tetrahydroaminoacridine on sleep in healthy subjects. Biological Psychiatry, 1996, 39, 796-802.
  • Riemann, D., Wiegand, M., Berger, M.: Are there predictors for sleep deprivation response in depressed patients? Biological Psychiatry, 1991, 29, 707-710.
  • Riemann, D., Berger, M.: EEG sleep in depression and in remission and the cholinergic REM induction test with RS 86. Neuropsychopharmacology, 1989, 2, 145-152.
  • Berger. M., Riemann, D., Höchli, D., Spiegel, R.: The cholinergic REM-sleep-induction test with RS 86: State- or trait-marker of depression? Archives of General Psychiatry, 1989, 46, 421-428.

Involvment in the organisation of scientific meetings (selection)

2016ESRS congress in Bologna, 12.09. – 16.09.2016
2015World Sleep Federation Meeting, Istanbul, 31.10. - 03.11.2015
20153rd European Insomnia Network Meeting, Freiburg, 17.09. - 19.09.2015
2014FFAP course for Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Freiburg, 02. - 04.10.2014
2014ESRS congress in Tallinn, 15. - 20.09.2014
20132nd Alpine sleep summer school, Ljubljana, 27.08.2013
2013Meeting of the European Insomnia Network. Freiburg, 10.7. - 12.7.2013
2012ESRS congress in Paris, 5.9. - 10.9.2012
20121st Meeting of the European Insomnia Network, Freiburg, 5.7. - 6.7. 2012
20111st Alpine Sleep Summer School, Lugano, 22.8. - 26.8.2011
2011International Conference on Sleep & Breathing, Prague, 1.4. - 3.4.2011
2010ESRS congress in Lissabon
2004Annual Meeting of the German Sleep Society in Freiburg

Scientific and clinical collaborations

Freiburg University - Department of Psychology; Freiburg Medical Faculty - Clinic for Pneumology; Neurocentre; University of Pisa (L. Palagini); University of Roma ( C. Lombardo); University of Berne (C. Bassetti); University of Basel (C. Cajochen); University of Amsterdam (E. van Someren); University of Surrey (A. Sterr); University of Oxford (C. Espie; K. Wulff; R. Foster, S. Kyle); University of Northumbria (J. Ellis); University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (M. Perlis); University of Pittsburgh (C.F. Reynolds); ZISG-Mannheim (M. Schredl).


More than 75 MD dissertations and 20 PhD dissertations in the last 20 years; major support for young psychiatrists and psychologists in establishing their Habilitation (F. Hohagen, M. Hornyak, H. Gann, C. Nissen, K. Spiegelhalder)


Since 23 years seminars and lectures in the Faculties of Medicine and Psychology of Freiburg University - focus on clinical and biological psychology, psychopathology, sleep research and sleep medicine; half- and full-day training seminars for psychiatrist/ psychotherapists in training on sleep medicine in Berlin, Hamburg, Freiburg, Bozen, Vienna, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Mannheim, Münster; Lecturer at Hochschule Offenburg - sleep research and sleep medicine


Since 1988 Principal and/ or Co-investigator in more than 10 federally (DFG, BMBF) funded projects; since 1988 Principal and co-investigator in more than 20 projects funded by the pharmaceutical industry. EU funding: The neurobiological bases of emotion processing in primary insomnia (Marie-Curie IEF 2008, GAN no. 235321 - finished in spring 2011; OPTIMI- Online predictive tools for intervention in mental illness (FP7-ICT-2009; 5.1 Mental Health, GAN 248544). Land Baden-Württemberg: Kompetenzzentrum Prävention; Fresenius-Stiftung; Fazit-Stiftung; Studienstiftung des dt. Volkes.

Media activities

Regular contributions to radio and TV programs on the topic of sleep; frequent interviews with press organs like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Badische Zeitung, GEO, Stern, Focus, Bild der Wissenschaft etc.; participation in science and health fairs.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1QJQyYUel8

Extracurricular activities

Swimming, biking, cooking, contemporary music, reading and photography