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Our scanners

CLOUSEAU – Custom built spectral photon-counting micro-CT

This setup has been designed as a high-end multi-purpose system. Its application fields are high resolution tomography and radiography of tissue and material samples, inline phase-contrast imaging, evaluation of photon-counting detector hardware, as well as the development of novel imaging techniques and measurement protocols.

To this end this setup has been built with maximum flexibility in mind. X-ray source, object table and detector table are supported by independent 3D motion tables, allowing to implement near arbitrary acquisition trajectories, as well as to emulate larger detector arrays by tiling.

A custom operational software allows to integrate any detector type into the system with ease. Currently a DECTRIS EIGER2 X CdTe 1M-W high end synchrotron detector, as well as a Medipix3 2x5, equipped with 1mm CdTe sensors, are mounted.

The tomographic setup has a geometrical target resolution of 3-5micron (depending on sample size), with yet higher resolutions available for small samples by super-sampling and detector sub-sampling.

LUPIN – Bruker SkyScan 1276 high-resolution in-vivo scanner

As a current state-of-the-art system we operate a SkyScan 1276, which allows for high-resolution pre-clinical in-vivo imaging.