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Micro-CT imaging

Micro-CT is a 3D X-ray imaging method offering great flexibility: Imaging speed, resolution and radiological dose can be widely adapted to specific applications, such as low-dose protocols for pre-clinical studies, fast protocols for imaging dynamic processes or high-resolution protocols down to micrometers and beyond. The ACTIV group provides measurement services as part of the AMIR Core Facility as well as researching improvements to hardware, data processing and practical applications of micro-CT imaging and photon-counting detector (PCD) technology.

The Bruker SkyScan 1276 is a state-of-the-art micro-CT system equipped with a life-support module for in-vivo use, providing a maximum resolution of 2.8 µm.

The custom-built Clouseau µ-CT system offers maximum experimental flexibility. It is currently equipped with a DECTRIS photon-counting detector, and piezo-driven sample movement for mechanical super-sampling.

CSF shunt valves (length ~18 mm), comparison of various CT systems.

Rat with cochlear implants, imaged with DECTRIS Eiger PCD @ Clouseau system.

Mouse Lung scanned with SkyScan 1276, comparison of FBP and iterative reconstruction.

Radiography of insect using a PCD and piezo-driven mechanical super-sampling. (Single frame, Cumulated frames and high-resolution image by iterative deconvolution.)

Time-resolved imaging of contrast agent solution flow through a cerebro-spinal fluid shunt valve.