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Overview Flow Cytometry

Cell Sorting and FACS Analysis

Cell Sorting

Lighthouse operates three high speed cell sorters: a 16-color FACS Aria Fusion and a 17-color FACS Aria III, both from Becton Dickinson, as well as a 14-color MoFlo Astrios EQ cell sorter from Beckman Coulter. Due to their complexity these machines must be operated by Lighthouse staff members.

More information about Cell Sorting

FACS Analysis

For FACS analysis we have a number of machines with different lasers and possible combinations of detectable colors.

More information about FACS Analysis

Offline Analysis

Lighthouse also has offline analysis workstations with several flow cytometry analysis software programs that you are welcome to use:

  • FlowJo
  • FACSDiva
  • Kaluza
  • Summit
  • ModFit
  • FACSArray 
  • SONY SP6800 Software

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