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Klinik für Innere Medizin IHämatologie, Onkologie und Stammzelltransplantation

Microscopy and Image Analysis

Classical, fluorescence and confocal

Confocal Microscopy

Lighthouse has three spectral confocal microscopes available for use:

  • Zeiss LSM 880 with AiryScan
  • Zeiss LSM 710
  • Leica TCS SP2 AOBS

More information about the confocal microscopes

High Content Screening (HCS) / Image Cytometry

In the areas of  HCS / Image Cytometry / Automated Microscopy Lighthouse has an:

  • Olympus Scan^R High Content Screening Station

More information about the Scan^R system


Long-Term Live Cell Imaging

Long-Term Live Cell Imaging

The Incucyte S3 is an automated microscope located within a standard cell culture incubator and is of particular interest for low resolution, long-term, live cell imaging. It allows the independent measurement and analysis of up to 6 plates or experiments at the same time. It is the method of choice for long-term observation of spheroid and organoid development.

More information about Incucyte long-term live cell imaging...

Other Systems

Lighthouse also has several smaller microscope systems:

Zeiss AxioImager M2mUpright Microscope for immunohistochemistry and fluorescence Configuration
Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1 / ApotomeInverted fluorescence microscope,with climate chamber and motorized stage Configuration
Zeiss Discovery.V8Stereomicroscope

Image Analysis

Several workstations are available for offline analysis. Available software includes:

  • AutoQuant / AutoDeblur - Deconvolution and 3D Reconstruction
  • Metamorph - Image Analysis
  • Zeiss Zen Blue / Black
  • Olympus Scan^R analysis
  • Olympus Xcellence
  • tibco Spotfire
  • Cell Profiler
  • ImageJ / FiJi

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