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Microscopy and Image Analysis

Classical, fluorescence and confocal

Complex Microscope Systems

Lighthouse has recently installed an

Akoya Phenocycler-Fusion (CODEX) (ZTZ)

which allows the analysis of up to 100+ markers on a single slide.

More information about the Phenocycler-Fusion

Confocal and Lightsheet Microscopy

ZTZ: Zeiss LSM 880 with AiryScan

ZTZ: Zeiss LSM 710

IMTATE: Zeiss LSM 980 NLO (multiphoton) with AiryScan

IMTATE: Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7 with LSM 900 AiryScan Scanhead

IMTATE: Zeiss Lightsheet 7

More information about the microscopes

High Content Screening (HCS)/ Automated Microscopy

Microscopes for Image Cytometry/Automated Microscopy/HCS:

ZTZ: Olympus scanR High Content Screening Station

IMITATE: Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7 with LSM 900 AiryScan

More information about the HCS systems

Slide Scanning Zeiss AxioScan 7 (IMITATE)

High capacity slide scanner for fluorescence or brightfield (IHC) samples. (Located in the IMITATE building)


Long-Term Live Cell Imaging Sartorius Incucyte S3

Lighthouse has a Sartorius Incucyte S3 system, which is an automated microscope contained within an incubator. It allows the independent imaging and analysis of up to 6 plates or experiments simultaneously.

More information about the Incucyte system.

Additional Widefield Systems

Zeiss AxioImager M2m (ZTZ)

Upright widefield microscope for immunohistochemistry and fluorescence microscopy


Zeiss AxioObserver I / Apotome (ZTZ) Zeiss AxioOvserver II / Apotome (ZTZ)

Inverted fluorescence microscopes with on-stage climate chamber or heated stage, and motorized stage


Zeiss Discovery.V8 (ZTZ)

Stereomicroscope. Brightfield and fluorescence (GFP/RFP).

Image Analysis

Bitplane Imaris - 3D reconstruction and analysis

AutoQuant / AutoDeblur - Deconvolution and 3D reconstruction

Metamorph - Image Analysis

Zeiss Zen Blue / Black

Olympus Scan^R analysis

Olympus Xcellence

Cell Profiler

ImageJ / FiJi

Biosafety Information

Some microscopy experiments of any biosafety level can only be carried out after filling out the proper form. All new projects must be registered with this form.

It can be found in our "Download area".


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