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Zeiss Axioscan Slide Scanner

ZEISS Axioscan 7 (IMITATE)

High-performance Slide Scanner for Fluorescence, Brightfield and Polarization. Scan up to 100 slides, which can have different scan profiles and imaging modes assigned, in one pass

Filter sets :
-38 HE GFP shift free
-43 HE Cy3 shift free
-50 Cy5 shift free
-64 HE mPlum shift free
-96 HE BFP
-112 SBP

-Fluar 5x/0.25
-PApo 10x/0,45
-PApo 20x/0,8
-Plan-Apochromat 40x/0,95 Korr
-EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 20x/0,5

ZEN Slidescan is integrated within the ZEN imaging software universe, which provides access to numerous additional processing
and analysis functions.

Location: IMITATE

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