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What's new at Lighthouse?

Multispectral Microscopy - Akoya Vectra Polaris

The Akoya Vectra Polaris is a multispectral, automated slide scanning system capable of measuring fluorescence multiplexing (up to 9-12 colors) samples, for tissue sections and slides.

The Polaris system uses linear unmixing to spectrally separate fluorophores and tissue autofluorescence into distinct channels. The system is optimized for use with Akoya's Opal dyes, but it is compatible with most standard fluorophores and can also work with multiple combinations of these dyes. Single stained samples can be used to create a spectral library, in which the system generates reference spectra for spectral unmixing.

The system in the Lighthouse Core Facility is a demo system which, through a collaboration with Akoya Biosciences, has been made available to Freiburg researchers for a period of six months.

Lighthouse has Opal test kits available for you to try out. In addition, Dr. Björn Wendik and his team at Akoya are also available to help you get started using the system, along with offering guidance and tips on how best to prepare and stain your samples.

For more information about the system or to give it a try, please contact the Lighthouse Core Facility.

Examples of images acquired using the Lighthouse Akoya system can be found below.

Online Booking System

Our booking system for our equipment:  All booking calendars are accessible via the internet from outside the Uniklinik intranet. 

Apply in time and register now at http://booking.core-facility.de. So that you can continue to use our devices and our service.


Sorter Booking Online

For the cell sorters, you can use the new calendar to look online at current bookings to find an available sorting slot, and you can even request a specific sort time by provisionally reserving a sort appointment in advance. If the requested appointment is accepted, you will receive a written confirmation of the desired appointment. Only then is your sort appointment considered "officially" to be scheduled.

Our new calendar system can be easily accessed, even from outside the Uniklinik network via the Internet. However, to access the system you first have to register as a user in it. For users with an Uniklinik LDAP login the registration process is very straightforward. Using your LDAP login and the corresponding password you can log in. This will automatically send us a request to activate your account. Once your user account has been activated, you will receive a one-time confirmation email from us. After that, you can then use the system.

External users (Vorklinik, University) can also access the system. To do so, please visit http://booking.core-facility.de and click "First Time User? Register".

The address of the new Lighthouse booking system can be found at the following link: https://ztz-buchung.uniklinik-freiburg.de/Web/index.php (or just http://booking.core-facility.de)


Attention, please!

Corona virus / SARS-CoV2 / COVID-19

Lighthouse Core Facility Rules & Measures

Due to the spread of the SARS-CoV2/coronavirus, access to the Lighthouse Core Facility is currently limited.

Training sessions for new users are limited due to the current situation.

You can email us (facslab(ät)uniklinik-freiburg.de) about signing up for the next available training session.

Experienced users are allowed to continue to use our equipment but only when following these rules and restrictions (see PDF for download):


Fortessas "Frida" and "Andy" Upgrades

Recently a plate reader has been made available to use on the Fortessa Frida, which can be used in the same way as on the Fortessa Vincent.
At the moment, you still have to push it carefully into the working position by hand. We are already working on a more comfortable solution.

In addition, the Fortessa Andy has been upgraded from 8 to 14 colors. The filters and mirrors or channels are now equivalent to Frida.