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What's new at Lighthouse?

November is "Microscopy Month" at Lighthouse

During the month of November we will be hosting 3  different workshops for 3 very different types of systems/approaches to using microscopy in the life sciences which Lighthouse would like to invite you to attend.


ZEISS Workshop

Next Generation Multiplex Confocal Imaging with the New ZEISS LSM 9 Family

November 19-21, 2019

You are cordially invited to the Workshop “Next Generation Multiplex Confocal Imaging“ in which we would like to introduce you to brand new developments in live cell imaging.

Discover the ideal confocal microscope platform for 4D imaging with new ZEISS LSM 980 and ZEISS LSM 900 combined with the new Multiplex mode for parallel pixel acquisition on Airyscan 2. Convince yourself in a comprehensive workshop of lectures and system live demonstrations how your work can benefit from:

  • Multiplex mode for parallel pixel acquisition acquires up to 8 superresolution image lines with high a signal-to-noise ration (SNR) in a single sweep.
  • ZEN imaging software with Smart Setup. Sample Navigator, and Direct Processing makes your work more efficient.
  • A light efficient beam path and Airyscan 2 offer a unique combination of gentle superresolution and high SNR.

Check out the innovations in multiplex imaging directly on site in individual handson sessions.

Register now at ZEISS - limited places available

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Workshop!


Workshop 1st Day | November 19

12.45 pm Registration
1.00 pm Welcome
1.15 pm The New LSM 9 Family with Airyscan 2 - Adding the Multiplex Factor to Your Confocal Imaging
Andreas Lutter & Gert Sonntag, Imaging Specialists ZEISS Microscopy
2.00 pm Coffee and Discussion
2.30 pm System Live Demonstration: LSM 900 Airyscan 2
3.30 pm End


Workshop 2nd Day | November 20

Training Konfokale Mikroskopie (Deutsch)

10.00 am Willkommen
10.15 am Konfokale Mikroskopie: Grundprinzipien - der schnelle Weg zum ersten Bild
11.15 am Kaffeepause
11.30 am Bildaufnahme I: Aufnahmeparameter optimieren - Konfokale Detektion
12.30 pm Mittagspause
1.15 pm Bildaufnahme II: Mehrdimensionale Bildaufnahme: Z-Stapel, Zeitserien, Kacheln, Positionen, Fokusstrategien
2.15 pm Kaffeepause
2.30 pm Airyscanning: Grundprinzipien - Airyscan FAST - Multiplexing
3.30 pm Kaffeepause
3.45 pm Multichannel Unmixing - Photomanipulation - Prozessierung
4.45 pm Ende



Workshop 3rd Day | November 21

Training Confocal Microscopy (English)

10.00 am Welcome
10.15 am Confocal Microscopy: Basic Principles - The First Frames
11.15 am Coffee break
11.30 am Image Acquisition I - Optimizing imaging parameters - detectors
12.30 pm Lunch
1.15 pm Image Acquisition II: Multidimensional Acquisition: z-stacks, time series, tiles, focus strategies
2.15 pm Coffee break
2.30 pm Airyscanning: Basic principles - Airyscan FAST - Multiplexing
3.30 pm Coffee break
3.45 pm Multichannel Unmixing - Photo-Manipulation - Processing
4.45 pm End



Universitätsklinikum Freiburg
Lighthouse Core Facility - Lecture Hall 00.057
Zentrum für Translationale Zellforschung - Klinik für Innere Medizin I
Breisacher Straße 115
79106 Freiburg



MIAP Laser Holotomography Workshop

Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer

Lighthouse Core Facility
November 26-27, 2019

Seminar Information:

Date/Time: Nov. 26, 2019, 9:00 - 10:30 Location: ZTZ, EG Seminarraum Fenster, 00.057

Title: "Label free long term imaging - observing living cells with Nanolive imaging"

Speaker: Dr. Jamin Jung, Application Scientist


Download more information:

Nanolive Event Flyer


Nanolive Sample Preparation Guide


Nanolive Ibidi Labware


Nanolive Rules of Thumb




Long-Term Live Cell Imaging

The Incucyte S3 is an automated microscope located within a standard cell culture incubator and is of particular interest for low resolution, long-term, live cell imaging. It allows the independent measurement and analysis of up to 6 plates or experiments at the same time. It is the method of choice for long-term observation of spheroid and organoid development.

More information about Incucyte long-term live cell imaging...

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Spectral Analyzer from SONY

Our latest flow cytometer is a SONY SP6800 ZE Spectral Analyzer. It has a novel spectral detector, allowing the unmixing (separation) and analysis of multiple, even spectrally overlapping fluorochromes, simultaneously.

FACS Analyzer Introduction Appointments Now Online

Have a look at our "Trainings Page" for the upcoming events.


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Marie Follo, Ph.D.
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Universitätsklinikum Freiburg
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Zentrum für Translationale Zellforschung (ZTZ)
Breisacher Straße 115
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