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SONY Spectral Analyzer

Our most powerful flow cytometer is the SONY SP6800 ZE Spectral Analyzer. It has a novel spectral detector, allowing the unmixing (separation) and analysis of multiple, even spectrally overlapping fluorochromes, simultaneously. It can distinguish between FITC and GFP or YFP and GFP e.g..

Content of the SONY Spectral Analyzer Introduction Course

In detail:

  • Principle & construction of a flow cytometer
  • Startup operations, operation and shutdown procedures
  • Sample preparation
  • Sample measurement
  • Spectral overlap compensation/unmixing
  • Operating SP6800 software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operating booking system and input screen (for billing)

SONY Training on 30.07.2020

A basic user introduction for the Sony FACS Analyzer will take place in the Lighthouse Core Facility.

The event is limited to a max. no. of 2 participants. The introduction can be in German or English. If you are interested please email us for a binding reservation.

Where: Lighthouse Core Facility, ZTZ, ground floor, room 009, bay 3 at the Sony Analyzer

When: 30.07.2020 (from 9.00 AM until 11.30 AM)

Visiting any introduction is free of charge and required before using the Sony Analyzer at the Lighthouse Core Facility.

Please bring pen and paper for your notes in any case and your own lab coat if you are based at ZTZ.

Note: The number of participants is limited and the registration is binding after confirmation by us. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. So there is still a chance for substitutes.

More information about the course.

Preceding Classes

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