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Department of Radiology - Medical Physics

MR imaging of Vasculature Biomarkers in Glioma


  • combined imaging of vessel size imaging (VSI) and DCE-MRI biomarkers in a mouse model
  • study with mouse tumor model to characterize the changes in neovasulature under therapy in preparation

New Developments:

  • TOF-Angiography in a mouse featuring a high in-plane resolution (50µm)
  • postprocessing: Segmentation of the tumor to account for GBM heterogeneity


Figure 1: Exemplary T2-weighted RARE image (a) and corresponding segmentation (b), VSI (c) and Ktrans map (d)

Figure 2: TOF-Angiography of a mouse brain with 59μm in-plane resolution using a cryo-genically cooled coil

Responsible scientists:

Wilfried Reichardt

Jochen Leupold

Former member: F. Kording

Internal Cooperation:

Michael Bock


Further cooperation:


Wilfried Reichardt
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