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AMIR-CF User Portal

Welcome to the AMIR-CF user portal. Here you can sign up to our network, propose a collaboration/project and register for our offered training courses. The main focus of AMIR-CF is multimodal imaging for pre-clinical and translational research. We offer different small animal imaging modalities as MRI, NMR-Spectroscopy, µCT and Ultrasound. Additionally small animal optical imaging (BLI & FLI) as well as radiation applications can be booked via the AMIR-CF.

Our scientific activities include:

  • Preclinical research on rodents
  • Preclinical oncology
  • MRI method development
  • Preclinical cardiovascular
  • Nuclear Hyperpolarization
  • 31P MRS on renal graft
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Functionalised iron oxide particles

We are happy to support your preclinical research! Please don't hesitate contacting us.

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